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List of 460 abstracts submitted in alphabetical order by author's name


Social and regional structure of the middle class during the adjustment period and the post-convertibility (Argentina, 1976-2012)
Sacco, Nicolás , Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the fault line: Israelis of mixed ethnicity
Sagiv, Talia , Hebrew University, Israel

Drug Consumption during Adolescence: Between Voluntary Risk-Taking and the Desire to be Oneself
Sahed, Imaine Im, EHESS/EHESP, France

Everyday Mobilities, Space and Urban Life: Bogotá and Barranquilla in the Middle of the 20th Century
Salazar Arenas, Oscar I, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Development, State and Religious Non-Governmental Organizations in Bangladesh
Salehin, Mohammad M, The University of Sydney, Australia

The Persistence of a Sacred Patrilineage in Contemporary Turkey: An Ethnographic Account of the Descendents of Hacı Bektaş Veli, the Ulusoy Family
Salman Yıkmış, Meral , Middle East Technical University, Turkey

German ‪‎Integration‬ and A New Way to Create National Identity “Jus Educatio”: The Case of German Adult ‪Education
Sano, Atsuko , Rikkyo University, Japan

Sounds of Silence: Practices and Discursive (Re)creations of Freedom of Expression and its Limits in the Chilean Media
Sapiezynska, Ewa , Universidad de Chile, Chile

Constructing climate capitalism: Corporate power and the global climate policy‑planning network
Sapinski, Jean Philippe , University of Victoria, Canada

City in Network Society: Between the "Space of Place" and the "Space of Flows"
Sarinic, Jana , University of Zagreb, Croatia

The Role of 'Street Level Bureaucracy' in the Implementation of Policies to Contrast Poverty and Social Exclusion
Saruis, Tatiana , University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

Sayes, Edwin M. W., University of Melbourne, Australia

The Transformation of the Engineering Profession in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan
Sayfutdinova, Leyla , Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Urban Climate Governance: Discourses and Policies on the Issue of Climate Change. Comparison of Quebec City, Canada and Genoa, Italy.
Scanu, Emiliano , Laval, Canada

The Digital Face of Eros, Agape, and Philia: Adolescents, Love and Sexuality on the Internet
Scarcelli, Cosimo Marco , University of Padova, Italy

Images of the Social: The Network in Sociological Theory
Schlechtriemen, Tobias , University of Hamburg, Germany

négociation and strike in algéria after 1988. comparative study: national éducation and public health sector
seghir, samir , alger2, Algeria

The Study of Social Factors of Health Care Quality and Access (Analysis of Medical Sociology)
Sengedorj, Munkhbaatar , National University of Mongolia, Mongolia

Values and Political Attitudes: A Systematic and Empirical Review of a Simple Association
Seymer, Alexander , University Salzburg, Austria

Whose Neighborhood Is It?: Citizenship, Migration and Community Engagement in a Changing Urban Space – The Case of Hatikva Neighborhood in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Shamur, Tal , Haifa University, Israel

The Role of Civil-Society Organisations in Poverty Alleviation: A Comparative Study of Faith-Based and Secular Global, National and Local Organisations in Pakistan and Bangladesh .
Sheikh, Karim S, Essex, United Kingdom

Characteristics of the Social Milieu Inclining to Form Attitudes Towards Political Extremism
Sherstoboiev, Vladyslav V., V. N. Karazin Kharkov National University, Ukraine

Planning in the Global Era – The Case Study of Ben-Gurion International Airport
Shilon, Mor , Technion, Israel

Scholarly Communication in the Information Age: A Sociological Analysis
Shirokanova, Anna , Belarusian State University, Belarus

Nursing the Nation: Globalization, Gender, Race, State and African Immigrant Women in Health Care Work in the United States of America
Showers, Fumilayo E, Syracuse University, USA

Constructions of the Environment in Nepal: Environmental Discourses on Air and on the Ground
Shrestha, Sangita , University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Visual Interaction in the Symbolic Space of Information Society
Shuster, Olga , Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

Early Socialization in the Urban Environment
Sibireva, Maria , Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

Genealogy of Marketing: Consumer Capitalism between Rationalization and Reenchantment
Silla, Cesare , Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy

Transmigration of Central Americans through México:their vulnerability and human rights
Silva Quiroz, Yolanda , El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico

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