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The Participation of Women in the Informal Sector and Poverty Reduction in the City of Fez
Belhorma, Souad , Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University , Morocco

Youth Behind Bars: An Ethnographic Study of Youth Confined in Secure Care Institutions in Denmark
Bengtsson, Tea T, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Women in Mining: Occupational Culture and Gendered Identities in the Making
Benya, Asanda P, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa

Imperfectly Happy
Bergsma, Ad , Erasmus University, Netherlands

Violence and Femininity in Contemporary Cinema
Bernava, Cristian C, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Agency of Labour in a flexible pan-European labour market: a qualitative study of migrant practices and trade union strategies in the Netherlands
Berntsen, Lisa , University of Groningen, Netherlands

Intergenerational Relations of Young Adults
Bertogg, Ariane C, University of Zurich, Switzerland

National Republican Guard Officers: a sociological analysis
Bessa, Fernando J. C, Lisbon University Institute, Portugal

Transitions in Post-Soviet Uzbek Society: A Study of Youth Culture
Bhat, Mohd Aslam, University of Kashmir, India

Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine: How Segregated Landscapes Shape Scientific Knowledge
Bier, Jess , Maastricht University, Netherlands

Public Debt, Classes and Democracy in “Post-Real” Brazil
Bin, Daniel , University of Brasilia, Brazil

The Public Power of Morality: Abu Ghraib as Iconic Turn in the War on Terror
Binder, Werner , University of Konstanz, Germany

Cordon Sanitaire or Healthy Policy? How Prospective Immigrants with HIV are Organized by Canada’s Mandatory HIV Screening Policy
Bisaillon, Laura M, University of Ottawa, Canada

State Restructuring and Federalism in Nepal: Identity Politics and Dalit Representation
Bishwakarma, Mom , University of Sydney , Australia

Partnership-Based Governance : A Powerful Driver of the Development of Rural Communities
Bisson, Luc , Université du Québec à Rimouski , Canada

Educating the Reflexive Citizen: Making a Difference or Entrenching Difference?
Black, Rosalyn , Melbourne University, Australia

Scheduling Routine: An Analysis of the Spatio-Temporal Rhythms of Practice in Everyday Life
Blue, Stanley J, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Decisions of technology innovation: The role of indicators
Boavida, Nuno F. F. G., Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Indicators and Technology Decision in Innovation Processes
Boavida, Nuno FFG, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Case Study of Moldova: Are People Trafficked Because They Lack Awareness and Understanding about Human Trafficking?
Bogdan, Ludmila , University of Vienna, Austria

Anton Golopenţia, contributions to the reconfiguration of the Gusti’s School activity in the 30s. An interdisciplinary approach.
Bondor, Adriana C, University of Bucharest, Romania

Testing the Social Polarization Hypothesis in Johannesburg, South Africa
Borel-Saladin, Jacqueline M, University of Cape Town, South Africa

“Our Common Future?”–Animals and Sustainable Development
Boscardin, Livia , University of Basel, Switzerland

Self, Identity, and the Mental Health of Sexual Assault Victim/Survivors
Boyle, Kaitlin M., University of Georgia, USA

Changes in linguistic and cultural choices of adolescents in educational transition in Mataró (Catalonia, Spain)
Bretxa, Vanessa , Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

EU Accession and Civil Society Empowerment: The Case of Maltese ENGOs
Briguglio, Michael , Malta, Malta

State Imaginaries and the Movements against the Vietnam and Iraq Wars
Brissette, Emily , University of California, Berkeley, USA

Spaces of substance use
Brotherhood, Angelina , University of Vienna, Austria

Geography of happiness A comparative exploration of the case of France
Brulé, Gaël R, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Values and economic strategies of middle class in Kazakhstan
Burkhanova, Dana , al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

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