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The Paradox of the Third Sector: A Systems-Theoretical, Relational Approach to the Role of Third Sector in Welfare Governance Via Local Partnerships
Ferreira, Silvia , Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Sexual Individualisation Strategies and Masculinity Construction in Moroccan Men during Transition to Adulthood
Fidolini, Vulca , University of Strasbourg, France

Firat, Rengin B, University of Iowa, USA

Dilemmas of Social Control in the Construction of Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) in the state of Rio de Janeiro: The Case Study of Conselho Estadual de Saúde (CES/RJ)
Flores Durán, Paulo Ren, FIOCRUZ, Brazil

Analysis of the dynamics of international mobility of Argentine university graduates
Flores, Patricia B, Centro Redes, Argentina

Strengthening DDR through Reparations: An Exploration of Gender Blindness in the Niger Delta Post-Amnesty Reintegration Programme
Folami, Olakunle M, Ulster University, United Kingdom

The Roots of Neoliberalism in Brazil: A Sociological Analysis of the Process of Trade Liberalization
Fontes, Leonardo O, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil

Working lives of university educated women in Slovenia and in the Czech Republic: the role of diverse structural, institutional and cultural contexts
Formánková, Lenka , Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, Czech Republic

Can Parental Involvement in School Life Make a Difference on Citizenship Education at School?
Freddano, Michela , University of Genova, Italy

Social workers’ perceptions of their role in providing palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses: A qualitative study among social workers in primary care settings in Namibia.
Freeman, Rachel J, University of South Africa, South Africa

Religious Renewal and Transformation: A Case Study of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in the 21st Century (Working title)
Freudenberg, Maren B., Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany

Self-Concept and Self-Esteem among Graduate Women: A Cross-Cultural Study
Frey, Rosemary A, University of the West Indies - Mona, Jamaica

The women porteadoras an approximation using Grounded Theory.
Fuentes, Cristina CF, Granada, Spain

The Ceramic Tile District Innovation System
Gabaldón-Estevan, Daniel , University of Valencia, Spain

The Academic Profession in Universities and Higher Education Policies: The Portuguese and Spanish Cases
Galego, Carla M., UCLA, USA

Social Structure and Cultural Production: Networks of Live Show in Italy
Gallelli, Andrea , University of Turin, Italy

Regional Sustainability Model: System Dynamics for addressing poverty in South America
Gallon, Luciano , Universitat Politèctica de Catalunya , Spain

The Reputation Economy: Creative Labour and Freelance Networks
Gandini, Alessandro , University of Milan, Italy

'On Behalf of the Nation': A sociological study of the Wootton Bassett Repatriations
Gaus, Aline J, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Cultural Decision Models. Parallel Games with Incomparable Pay-offs.
Gheondea-Eladi, Alexandra , University of Bucharest, Romania

Education and Society: The Expansion of Higher Legal Education and Access of Ethnic Minorities
Gianezini, Kelly , Federal University of Rio Grande of Sul; University California Los Angeles, Brazil


The Conditions of Individualization: Conceptions of Work and Self-Realization among Young Adults
Gillberg, Gunnar , Gothenburg, Sweden

Transnational Care-work in France and in Germany: A Biographical Policy Evaluation
Glaeser, Janina , Goethe-University Frankfurt / University of Strasbourg, France

Power at the Heart of the Service Relationship: A Clinical Approach in Management Sciences
Glinne-Demaret, Harmony , Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Socioeconomic Aspects of Emigrations in Kosovo: The Case Study of Suhareka
Gollopeni, Besim , Shen Cirili and Metody, Macedonia

Citizenship and Sexual Rights: A Comparative Study of the Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Unions in Brazil and South Africa
Gomes da Costa, Gustavo , State University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil

Cinema and society: about the military dictatorship in Brazil
Gomes Leme, Caroline , UNICAMP - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Crime, Ethnicity and Inequalities: A Comparative Analysis between Foreign Groups from Eastern Europe and African Portuguese-Speaking Countries and National Roma Groups
Gomes, Sílvia , University of Minho, Portugal

Policy Assemblage in Education
Gorur, Radhika , The University of Melbourne, Australia

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