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When Migrant Women Workers Return Home: Their Lived Experiences in Fast Growing China's Hinterland
Han, Yuchen , The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Development, Environment Inequalities and Health Disparities in China: A Multilevel Analysis
Hao, Jianmei , University of Utah, USA

Structural Integration of Immigrants and the Second Generation in Europe: A Study of Unemployment Durations and Job Destinations in Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany
Hartung, Anne , University of Leuven (KULeuven), Belgium

Trade In Magic amongst Indonesia Middle Class Indonesians In Modern Society
Haryanto, Bangun Sentosa Dwi, University of The Sunshine Coast, Australia

"From dark to dark": nikkei's land, work and memory in the municipality of Lucélia-SP
Hasegawa, Aline Yuri, UFSCar, Brazil

Social Capital and University: A research on the influence of university in the construction of social capital of youth
Haz-Gomez, Francisco E, University of Coruna, Spain

Back to the Soil: Sociological Practice and Chinese Society, 1903-1952
He, Yijin , University of Surrey , United Kingdom

European Food Consumption Patterns: Convergence or Persistent Difference?
Healy, Amy E, University of Limerick, Ireland

Alienation and ICT
Healy, Mike , De Montfort, United Kingdom

The happiness of migrants
Hendriks, Martijn , Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Main points of convergence between hegemonic schools of economic and sociological theory from the Scottish Enlightenment until today.
Hernández, Sagar , Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Making Democracy Real: Participatory Governance in Twenty-First Century Latin America
Hetland, Gabriel B, University of California Berkeley, USA

Family/peer relationships and reproductive careers of men and women in Ukraine (1950-1975)
Hilevych, Yuliya , Wageningen University/Radboud University, Netherlands

The Effect of Number of Siblings on Educational Attainment: Verifiy the Causality
Hirschova, Marta , Charles University, Czech Republic

Striking for Greece? The Logic of Transnational Cooperation of Trade Union Protests in the European Union
Hofmann, Julia , Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

A Sociology Of Strangership: Urban Social Relations From Classical Social Theory To Contemporary Gentrification
Horgan, Mervyn P, York University, Canada

Bulgarian Virtual Labour Market and Transformation of Power
Hristova, Marieta B, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

Familial Politics of Production: Household Production in China
Hu, Lina , UC Berkeley, USA

The State, Huzu, and Peasants: Village Politics in Guanzhong Area, 1952-1966 -A Case Study of Huang Village
Huang, Rui , East China Normal University, China

At Home and Across Borders: Gender in Guatemalan Households and Labour Migration to Canada
Hughes, Christine , Carleton University, Canada

Tension in Intersectional Agency: A Conceptual Case Study of Racially Privileged Young Feminist Activists in São Paulo, Brazil
Huijg, Dieuwertje Dyi , University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Destabilising the Origin Story: The Australian Accord and the corporatist roots of neoliberalism (1983-1996)
Humphrys, Elizabeth , University of Sydney, Australia

Disciplinary Technologies of Microfinance Institutions in Bangladesh: Comparison of BRAC and BRDB Programs
Hussain, A H M Belayeth , University of Kassel, Germany

''State,Informality and Urban Marginality:The Miseries of street Vendors in Dhaka City''
Hussain, Rasel , University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gendered Youth Cultures in Flemish Secondary Schools: Content and Association with Compositional School Features and Gender Differences in Educational Achievement
Huyge, Ellen , Ghent University, Belgium

Intra-communal Land Conflicts and Developments in Ezillo community, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Igwe, Dickson O, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

The Art of Multimodal Decision Making by Incident Controllers on the Fireground
Inham, Valerie , University of Western Sydney, Australia

Impact of Thalassemia Major on Patients' Families in Pakistan
Ishfaq, Kamran Mr, University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Childhood Mortality Dynamics in Bangladesh: Trends, Patterns and Survival of Under-Five Aged Children
Islam, Mohammad Mainul , Peking University, China

Pyramid Schemes, Casinos, and Poker: Money and Morality in Contemporary Romania
Istrate, Andrada M., University of Bucharest, Romania

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