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Abstracts of dissertations

Violence and Femininity in Contemporary Cinema
Bernava, Cristian C

Paulo Roberto Arruda de Menezes
University of Sao Paulo

Year of completion 2010

language of dissertation Portuguese

  • violence
  • femininity
  • contemporary cinema
  • abject-subject
Areas of Research
  • Arts
  • Visual Sociology
  • Women in Society
This research investigates the connection between femininity and violence in contemporary cinema. Given the changes in how female violence has been portrayed in recent years, the first part of the dissertation explores the particularity of female violence cinematographic imagery and the emergence of a new kind of character, the warrior. It does so through the analysis of Ms. 45 and The Brave One. The second part of the dissertation analyzes the movies that featured three distincts icons of the period - Nikita, Lara Croft, and Beatrix Kiddo - and explores the transformations and contradictions relative to the stereotypical female violence aspects presented in these three different warriors.