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Abstracts of dissertations

The Tale of Industrialization in a Small Town in Turkey: Hacılar-Kayseri
Cengiz, Kurtuluş

Mustafa Şen

Year of completion 2012

language of dissertation English

  • Islamic Capital
  • Islamic Calvinism
  • Kayseri
  • Anatolian Tigers
Areas of Research
  • Economy and Society
  • Religion
  • Social Transformations and Sociology of Development
This dissertation analyses the industrial transformation of Turkey by focusing on the history of Kayseri’s small town Hacılar which has shown an extraordinary performance in industry and economic development in the last 40 years. However, this is not a general history of industrialization; but a local development story from a traditional rural/ village community to an industrial production zone in relation with the local, national and universal dynamics. In line with the historical materialist conceptual and epistemological frame and against the “Calvinist Islam” theological arguments, this study explains the historical, regional, geographical, economic, social, and cultural reasons and factors of the industrial development of Hacılar in the context of the general industrial history of Turkey.