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Invisible Men: Constructing Men Who Have Sex with Men as a Global AIDS Priority at UNAIDS and Beyond
McKay, Tara

Stefan Timmermans
University of California Los Angeles

Year of completion 2013

language of dissertation English

  • international organi
  • AIDS policy
  • sexualities
  • Africa
Areas of Research
  • Organization
  • Health
  • Local-Global Relations
This dissertation examines the global policy response to AIDS focusing on how new priorities emerge and are diffused throughout the global system. Tracing the emergence of a new policy at UNAIDS to it's adoption across countries and engagement at the local level in southern Africa, the dissertation provides a novel account of the social life of AIDS policy from inception to implementation, cataloging both the successes of intergovernmental organizations in diffusing new policy to government agencies around the world and the failure of the same policy to affect change on the ground.