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Rethinking Child trafficking in Nepal: Challenges, Perspectives and Good practice
Adhikari, Shovita

Dr. Jackie Turton
University of Essex
United Kingdom

Year of completion in progress

language of dissertation English

  • Child trafficking
  • Child protection
  • Child’s right
  • sociology of childhood
Areas of Research
  • Childhood
  • Human Rights and Global Justice
This PhD research introduces two frameworks, namely the sociology of childhood and human right’s framework, to understand the problem of trafficking in Nepal. I attempt to situate the problem of trafficking within these two positions and evaluate how these frameworks allow for certain understandings and practices related to trafficking in Nepal. The aim of the research is threefold: firstly, it attempts to explore the factors that contribute to trafficking. Secondly, it attempts to analyse the responses to trafficking: policymakers’/practitioners’ (working in GO/NGO/INGO) understanding of the meaning of trafficking, problems with the delivery of child-centred practice and the meaning of internal trafficking. And lastly, to identify effective and response gaps within existing child protection systems including legislative and policy frameworks.
The empirical part of the study consists of both primary and secondary data. Semi-structured interviews and focus groups with key persons representing GOs/NGOs/INGOs working in anti-trafficking organisation will be the main source of primary data. ‘Grey literature’ including journal articles and published and unpublished reports will be reviewed. The research will map the different aspects of child trafficking in Nepal and also draw conclusions on challenges, perceptions and best practice.