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Abstracts of dissertations

A Study of the Rural Social Development in the New Era—From the Rural Social "Guanxi" to Social Capital
Qiao, Jie

LiangPing HONG
School of Architecture and Ubran Planning
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Year of completion in progress

language of dissertation Chinese

  • rural social develop
  • social relations
  • social capital
  • rural construction
Areas of Research
  • Community Research
  • Housing and Built Environment
  • Social Transformations and Sociology of Development
For thousands of years, the social interaction of Chinese traditional farming civilization has been organized by "guanxi" which has a profound impact on the logical configuration of rural community resources in the contemporary era. The present study is about the development of rural social relations. The research traces the different stages of development by considering policy interventions like the transformation of land tenure systems, rural economic and social systems as the driving source based on theoretical study of "guanxi" combined with changes in the social development of rural transformation. The study analyzes characteristics of each stage and the impact of transformation, and proposes what constitutes the dynamic characteristics of rural relations and social capitalization in the new era. Based on the characteristic elements of new era's rural social development and combined with the operational characteristics of rural social capitalization and rural development dilemma, the study constructs a cognitive framework for understanding the development of rural society in the new era.