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Abstracts of dissertations

The Nexus between Money, Recognition, and Justice: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Begicevic, Alma

Jennifer Balint
Department of Social and Political Science
The University of Melbourne

Year of completion in progress

language of dissertation English

  • Reparation
  • Transition
  • Victims
  • Law
Areas of Research
  • Human Rights and Global Justice
  • Law
  • Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations
If reparations are universally accepted as a victims’ right to remedy, included in numerous international law instruments, why is it then that victims are unable to access it? By taking a socio-legal approach to the problem of post-war monetary reparation, the study examines the nexus between money, justice and recognition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At a normative level the study examines how reparations are conceptualized and their meaning in post-conflict transition. At a procedural level it identifies obstacles and gaps in the national, regional and international legal architecture and at an empirical level it investigates people’s experiences in regards to accessing monetary reparations. The study considers the meaning of money in post-war reparation and state transformative processes.