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  Author/s Title Votes
  Acquaviva, S.S. Decline of the Sacred in Industrial Society 1
  Addams, Jane Twenty Years at Hull-House 1
  Adorno, Theodor W. The Authoritarian Personality 2
  Adorno, Theodor W. Negative Dialectics 2
  Adorno, Theodor W. Soziologische Schriften 1
  Adorno, Theodor W. and Horkheimer, Max Dialectic of Enlightenment 12
  Adorno, Theodor W. et al. Positivist Dispute in German Sociology 1
  Aglietta, Michel A. A Theory of Capitalist Regulation 1
  Agrawal, G.K. Indian Society and Problems 1
  Al-Jabri, M. Al Assabiyya and State in Ibn Khaldun´s Thought 1
  Albert, Hans Marktsoziologie und Entscheidungslogik 1
  Alexander, Jeffrey C. Theoretical Logic in Sociology 4
  Allardt, Erik Sociology I 2
  Allardt, Erik Amhallsstruletur och sociala spanningar 1
  Allardt, Erik and Rokkan, Stein Mass Politics 1
  Almond, Gabriel Abraham and Verba, Sidney The Civic Culture 1
  Althusser, L. Reading Capital 4
  Althusser, L. For Marx 3
  Althusser, L. Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays 1
  Amin, Samir Unequal Development 1
  Amin, Samir Accumulation on a World Scale 1
  Anderson, Benedict Imagined Communities 4
  Anderson, Benedict Language and Power 1
  Anderson, Perry Lineages of the Absolutist State 1
  Anderson, Perry Considerations on Western Marxism 1
  Andrews, Frank and Withey, Stephen B. Social Indicators of Well-being 1
  Anfossi, Anna and Oommen, T.K. Azioni,Politiche fuori dei Partiti 1
  Ansart, Pierre Les Ideologies Politiques 1
  Antonovsky, A. The Sociology of Health and Health Care in Israel 1
  Aoki, Masahiko Information, Incentives and Bargaining 1
  Apple, Michael W. Official Knowledge 1
  Archer, Margaret Culture and Agency 1
  Archer, Margaret Realist Social Theory 1
  Arendt, Hannah The Origins of Totalitarianism 5
  Arendt, Hannah The Human Condition 4
  Arendt, Hannah Between Past and Future 1
  Ariès, Philippe Centuries of Childhood 1
  Aron, Raymond Main Currents of Sociological Thought 3
  Aron, Raymond Les etapes de la pensee sociologique 2
  Aron, Raymond La sociologie allemagne contemporaine 1
  Aron, Raymond Progress and Disillusion 1
  Aron, Raymond Penser la guerre, Clausewitz 1
  Arrighi, Giovanni The Long Twentieth Century 1
  Atkinson, J.Maxwell and Heritage, John Structures of Social Action 1
  Auberf, N. and Goulefte, V. de Le cout de l´excellence 1
  Baumann, Zygmunt Intimations of Postmodernity 1
  Axelrod, Robert The Evolution of Cooperation 2
  Ayer, A.J. Logical Positivism 1
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