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  Babbie, Earl R. The Practice of Social Research 1
  Bagnasco, A. Tre Italie 1
  Bahrdt, H.P. et al. Das Gesellschaftsbild der Arbeiters 1
  Balandier, Georges Anthropo-logiques 1
  Balandier, Georges Sens et puissance 1
  Baldwin, Peter The Politics of Social Solidarity 1
  Banks, M. et al. Careers and Identities 1
  Baran, Paul A. and Sweezy, Paul M. Monopoly Capital 1
  Barry, Brian Sociologists Economists and Democracy 1
  Bateson, Gregory Steps to an Ecology of Mind 2
  Bateson, Gregory Mind and Nature: A Necessity Unity 1
  Baumann, Zygmunt Postmodern Ethics 4
  Baumann, Zygmunt Modernity and Ambivalence 2
  Baumann, Zygmunt Life in Fragments 1
  Bay, Christian The Structure of Freedom 1
  Beard, Mary Ritter The Force of Women in Japanese History 1
  Beauvoir, Simone de The Second Sex 4
  Beauvoir, Simone de The Coming of Age 1
  Beck, Ulrich Risk Society 13
  Becker, Ernest The Denial of Death 1
  Becker, Gary S. A Treatise on the Family 2
  Becker, Gary S. Human Capital 1
  Becker, Gary S. The Economic Approach to Human Behavior 1
  Becker, Howard S. Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance 9
  Becker, Howard S. The other side: Perspectives on Deviance 1
  Becker, Howard S. German Youth: Bond or Free 1
  Bell, Daniel The Coming of Post-Industrial Society 2
  Bell, Daniel The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism 1
  Bell, Wendell Foundations of Futures Studies 1
  Bellah, Robert Nelly Beyond Belief 1
  Bellah, Robert Nelly Tokugawa Religion 1
  Bellah, Robert Nelly et al. Habits of the Heart 2
  Bellah, Robert Nelly et al. The Good Society 1
  Bendix, R. Nation-Building and Citizenship 2
  Bendix, R. Work and Authority in Industry 2
  Benedict, Ruth Patterns of Culture 4
  Benjamin, Walter Illuminations 1
  Benjamin, Walter Auswahl in Drei Baenden 1
  Bentley, Arthur Fisher The Process of Government 1
  Berelson, Bernard; Lazarsfeld, Paul F. and McPhee, William N. Voting 1
  Berg, Ivar Sociological Perspectives on Labour Market 1
  Berger, John Ways of Seeing 1
  Berger, P.L. and Luckmann, T. The Social Construction of Reality 45
  Berger, Peter L. Invitation to Sociology 6
  Berger, Peter L. The Social Reality of Religion 1
  Bergson, Henri Creative Evolution 2
  Berlin, Asaiah Two Kinds of Liberty 1
  Berman, Marshall All that is Solid, Melts into Air 1
  Bernard, Jessie Shirley The Future of Motherhood 1
  Bernstein, Basil Class, Codes and Control 3
  Bernstein, Basil Langage et classes sociales 1
  Berque, Jacques Le Magreb entre deux guerres 1
  Berry, Wendell The Unsettling of America 1
  Beynon, Huw Working for Ford 2
  Bhaskar, Roy A Reality Theory of Science 2
  Bhaskar, Roy The Possibility of Naturalism 1
  Billig, Michael Ideological Dilemmas 1
  Billingsley, Andrew Black Families in White America 1
  Bilton, T.; Skinner, D. et al. Introductory Sociology 1
  Bishop,Y.;Fienbeng,S. et al. Discrete Multivariate Analysis 2
  Blalock, Hubert M. Social Statistics 2
  Blau, Peter Michael Exchange and Power in Social Life 1
  Blau, Peter Michael and Duncan, Otis Dudley The American Occup 10
  Bloch, Marc Leopold Benjamin The Historianīs Craft 1
  Bloch, Marc Leopold Benjamin Feudal Society 1
  Blood, Robert O. and Wolfe, Donald M. Hubands and Wives 1
  Blumer, Herbert Symbolic Interactionism. Perspective and Method 4
  Bois, W.E.B. Du The Philadelphia Negro 1
  Bois, W.E.B. Du The Souls of Black Folk 1
  Bollen, K.A. Structural Equations with Latent Variables 1
  Borges, Jorge Luis Ficciones 1
  Boserup, Ester Womenīs Role in Economic Development 3
  Bosi, Ecléa Memoria e Sociedade 1
  Boss, Pauline G.; Dohenty, W.J.; La Rossa, R.; Schumm, W.R. and Sterni Source book of Family Theories and Methods 1
  Bott, Elizabeth Family and Social Network 1
  Bottomore, T.B. Sociology 2
  Bottomore, T.B. A guide to Problems and Literature 1
  Bottomore, T.B. and Nisbet, R. A History Sociological Analysis 3
  Bottomore, T.B. and Nisbet, R. Explorations in General Theory in Social Science 1
  Boudon, Raymond The Logic of Social Action 5
  Boudon, Raymond The Unintended Consequences of Social Action 4
  Boudon, Raymond Theories of Social Change, A Critical Appraisal 1
  Boudon, Raymond Le juste et le vrai 1
  Boudon, Raymond and Bourricaud, François A Critical Dictionary of Sociology 1
  Boudon, Raymond and Lazarsfeld, Paul F. Methodes en sociologie 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste 43
  Bourdieu, Pierre The Logic of Practice 7
  Bourdieu, Pierre Outline of a Theory Practice 4
  Bourdieu, Pierre Language and Symbolic Power 3
  Bourdieu, Pierre Homo Academicus 2
  Bourdieu, Pierre The Field of Cultural Production 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre Le sens commun 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre The Rules of Art 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre La métier de sociologue 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre In Other Words 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre Social Sense 1
  Bourdieu, Pierre and Al. La misere du monde 2
  Bourdieu, Pierre and Passeron, Jean-Claude Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture 6
  Bowles, S. and Gintis, H. Schooling in Capitalist America 2
  Braudel, F. The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II 2
  Braudel, Fernand Civilization and Capitalism 5
  Braverman, Harry Labour and Monopoly Capital 13
  Braverman, Harry Work in the XX Th Century 1
  Bronfenbrenner, U. The Ecology of Human Development 1
  Brownlee, K.A. Statistical Methodology in Science 1
  Brox, Otta Hva Skjer, Nord-Norge? 1
  Brunn, Kettil et Al. Onko alkoholismi parannettavissa 1
  Brunner, E.S. and Douglass, H.P. The Protestant Church as a Social Institutions 1
  Brydon, L. And Chant, S. Women in the Third World 1
  Buchanan, J.M. The Limits of Liberty 1
  Buckley, W. Modern Systems Research for Behavioral Scientist 1
  Buckley, Walter Sociology and Modern System Approach 1
  Bullard, Robert D. Dumping in Duxie 1
  Burawoy, Michael The Politics of Production 1
  Burgess, Ernest W. The Family 1
  Burke, Kenneth Permanence and Change 1
  Burke, Peter On symbols and Society 1
  Burns, T.R.; Baumgartner, T. et al. Man, Decisions, Society 1
  Burr, Wesley R. Theory Construction and the Sociology of the Family 1
  Burrel, Gibson and Morgan, Gareth Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis 1
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