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  Author/s Title Votes
  Calhoun, Craig; Light, Donald and Keller, Suzanne Sociology 1
  Cantril, H. The Pattern of Human Concerns 2
  Cantril, H. The Invasion from Mars 1
  Capra, Frit The Turning Point 1
  Cardoso, Fernando Henrique and, Faletto, Enzo Dependency and Development in Latin America 7
  Carson, Rachel Silent Spring 1
  Cassirer, Ernst The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms 1
  Casstel, Robert Les metamorphoses de la question sociale 3
  Castells, Manuel The Urban Question 4
  Castells, Manuel The Rise of the Network Society 1
  Castells, Manuel City, Class and Power 1
  Castles, Stephen and Kosack, Grodula Immigrant Workers and Class Structure in Western Europe 1
  Castoriadis, C. The Imaginary Institution of Society 2
  Certeau, Michel de The Writing of History 1
  Chandler, Alfred Dupont The Visible Hand 1
  Charnay, Jean-Paul La vie musulmane en Algerie 1
  Chayanov, Alexander Peasant Farm Organization 1
  Chesnais, François La mondialisation du capital 1
  Chomsky, Noam Opera Omnia 1
  Christie, Nils Hvis Skolen Ikke Fantes 1
  Christie, Nils Hvor Tett et Samfunn 1
  Cicourel, A.V. The Social Organization of Juvenile Justice 2
  Cicourel, Aaron Victor Method and Measurement in Sociology 2
  Claessens, Dieter Das Konkrete und das Abstrakte 1
  Clarke, Thomas International Privatization 1
  Clinard, Marshall Barron Cities with Little Crime 1
  Cockerham, William C. Medical Sociology 1
  Coe, Rodney M. Sociology of Medicine 1
  Cohen, Jean and Arato, Andrew Civil Society and Political Theory 1
  Cohn, Gabriel Critica e Resignaçao 1
  Cohn, Norman The Pursuit of the Millenium 1
  Colbari, A. Etica do Trabalho 1
  Coleman, J. Samuel Introduction to Mathematical Sociology 2
  Coleman, J.S. The Mathematics of Collective Action 1
  Coleman, James Samuel Foundations of Social Theory 11
  Coleman, James Samuel The Adolescent Society 3
  Colletti, Lucio From Rousseau to Lenin 1
  Collins, Randall Theoretical Sociology 1
  Collins, Randall Weberian Sociological Theory 1
  Colonna, Fanny Les versets de l´invincibilite 1
  Comor, Walker Ethno-Nationalism 1
  Connell, Robert W. Gender and Power 3
  Cooley, Charles H. Human Nature and the Social Order 1
  Coser, Lewis A. The Functions of Social Conflict 1
  Coser, Lewis A. Greedy Institutions 1
  Coser, Lewis A. Masters of Sociological Thought 1
  Coser, Lewis A. and Rosenberg, Bernard Sociological Theory 1
  Cox, Oliver Cromwell Caste, Class and Race 1
  Cronan, William Nature´s Metropolis 2
  Crozier, Michel J. The Bureaucratic Phenomenon 4
  Crozier, Michel J. and Friedberg, Erhard Actors and Systems 4
  Cuddihy, John Murray The Ordeal of Civility 1
  Cuvillier, Armand Où va la sociologie française? 1
  Czarnowski, Stefan Kultura 1
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