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  Dahl, Robert Alan Polyarchy: Participation and Opposition 1
  Dahl, Robert Alan and Lindblom, Charles F. Politics, Economics and Welfare 1
  Dahrendorf, R. Class and Class Conflict in an Industrial Society 7
  Dahrendorf, Ralf Society and Democracy in Germany 2
  Dalla Costa, Mariarosa The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community 1
  Davis, Angela Yvonne Women, Race and Class 1
  Davis, Fred Passage Through Crisis 1
  Davis, Mike City of Quartz 1
  De Coster, Michele Traité de Sociologie du Travail 1
  Deegan, Mary Jo Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School 1
  Deming, Edwards W. Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position 1
  Denzin, N. and Lincoln, Yvonna S. The Handbook of Qualitative Research 1
  Derrida, Jacques Limited Inc. 1
  Desrosieres, Alain La politique des grands nombres 1
  Devereux, G. From Anxiety to Method in Behavioral Sciences 1
  Dewey, John Experience and Nature 1
  Diesing, Paul Patterns of Discovery in the Social Sciences 1
  Dillman, Don A. Mail and Telephone Surveys 1
  Djilas, Milovan The New Class 1
  Donati, P. Teoria relazionale della società 2
  Dore, Ronald Philip British Factory, Japanese Factory 2
  Douglas, Mary Tew Purity and Danger 2
  Douglas, Mary Tew How Institutions Think 1
  Douglas, Mary Tew Natural Symbols 1
  Drake, St. Claire and Cayfor, Horace Blake Metropolis 1
  Dubost, Jean L´intervention psychosociologique 1
  Duby, Georges and Aries, Philippe A History of Private Life 2
  Dumont, Fernand La lieu de l´idiomme 1
  Dumont, Louis Essays on Individualism 2
  Dunayevskaya, Raya Marxism and Freedom 1
  Durkheim, Emile The Elementary Forms of Religious Life 22
  Durkheim, Emile The Division of Labor in Society 8
  Durkheim, Emile The Rules of Sociological Method 8
  Durkheim, Emile The Suicide 5
  Durkheim, Emile Education and Sociology 3
  Durkheim, Emile Moral Education 1
  Durkheim, Emile Education and Society 1
  Durkheim, Emile Sociology and Philosophy 1
  Duverger, Maurice An Introduction to the Social Sciences 1
  Düx, Günter Die Logik der Weltbilder 1
  D´Souza, Dinesh The End of Racism 1
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