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  Author/s Title Votes
  Easton, David A Systems Analysis of Political Life 1
  Edwards, Richard Contested Terrain 2
  Egerstrom, Bos and Dijk Seizing Control 1
  Eisenstadt, S.N. Modernization, Protest and Change 2
  Eisenstadt, S.N. The Political Systems of Empires 1
  Eisenstadt, S.N. From Generation to Generation: Age Groups and Social Structure 1
  Eisenstadt, S.N. Israeli Society 1
  Eisenstadt, S.N. Essays on Comparative Institutions 1
  Eisenstein, Zillah R. Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism 1
  Elder, Glen Children and the great Depression 1
  Elias, Norbert The Civilizing Process 30
  Elias, Norbert What is Sociology? 3
  Elias, Norbert La dinamique de l´Occident 3
  Elias, Norbert The Court Society 2
  Elias, Norbert History of Manners 2
  Elias, Norbert Involvement and Detachment 2
  Elias, Norbert The Germans 1
  Elias, Norbert Theory, Culture and Society 1
  Elias, Norbert and Scotson, J.L. The Established and Outsiders 1
  Ellul, Jacques The Technological Bluff 1
  Elster, J. Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences 1
  Enriquez, Eugéne L´organization .. analyse 1
  Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs Women´s Place 2
  Erickson, Kai Everything in its Path 1
  Erikson Robert and Goldthorpe, John Harry The Constant Flux 3
  Etzioni, A. The Moral Dimension 2
  Etzioni, A. Modern Organizations 1
  Etzioni, Amitai The Active Society 6
  Evans Pritchard, E.E. Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande 1
  Everett, Michall .W.; Waddell, Jack O. and Health, Dwight B. Cross-Cultural Approaches to the Study of Alcohol, and Interdisciplinary perspective 1
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