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  Author/s Title Votes
  Fabian, Johannes Time and The Other 1
  Fanon, Frantz The Wretched of the Earth 4
  Fanon, Frantz How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 1
  Feher, Ferenc; Markus, Gyèorgy and Heller, Agnes Dictatorship over Needs 1
  Fernandez, Floristan A Revoluçao Burguesa no Brasil 2
  Ferrarotti, Franco Idee per la nuova societá 1
  Ferrarotti, Franco An Alternative Sociology 1
  Feyerabend, Paul Against Method 3
  Fichter, Joseph H. Sociology 1
  Fischer, Claude S. To Dwell Among Friends 1
  Fishman, Robert Working-Class Organization and the Return to Democracy in Spain 1
  Flament, Claude Applications of Graph Theory to Group Structure 1
  Fleck, Ludwik Entstechung einer Wissenschaftlichen Tatsache 2
  Floud, Jean E.; Halsey, Albert Henry and Martin, F.M. Social Class and Educational Opportunity 1
  Form, William Humbert Divided we Stand 1
  Foucault, Michel Discipline and Punish : the Birth of the Prison 17
  Foucault, Michel The Archaeology of knowledge 3
  Foucault, Michel Power/Knowledge 2
  Foucault, Michel The History of Sexuality 2
  Foucault, Michel The Order of Things 2
  Foucault, Michel Madness and Civilization 1
  Frank, A.G. Latin America: Underdevelopment of Revolution 2
  Fraser, R. Woric 1
  Freidson, Eliot Profession of Medicine 2
  Freidson, Eliot Professional Powers 1
  Freire, Paulo Pedagogy of the Oppressed 2
  Freud, Sigmund Civilization and its Discontents 3
  Freud, Sigmund Totem and Taboo 1
  Freud, Sigmund Interpretation of Dreams 1
  Freund, Julien L´essence du politique 1
  Freyre, Gilberto The Masters and the Slaves 1
  Friedan, Bethy The Feminine Mystique 2
  Friedan, Bethy The Fountain of Age 1
  Friedland, William H.; Barton, Amy E. and Thomas, Robert J. Manufacturing Green Gold 1
  Friedmann, G. Problemes humains du machinisme industriel 4
  Friedmann, Georges and Naville, Pierre Sociology of Labor 3
  Frisby, D. The Frankfurt School Reader 1
  Fritz Hang, Wolfgang Kritik der Waren sthetik 1
  Fromm, Erich Escape from Freedom 1
  Fromm, Erich The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness 1
  Fromm, Erich The Art of Loving 1
  Funtowicz, Silvio O. and Ravetz, Jerome R. Uncertainty and Quality in Science for Policy 1
  Furstenberg, Frank F. and Cherlin, Andrew J. Divided Families 1
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