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  Author/s Title Votes
  Habermas, J. The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere 6
  Habermas, Jürgen The Theory of Communicative Action 29
  Habermas, Jürgen Knowledge and Human Interests 11
  Habermas, Jürgen Technick und Wissenschatt als Ideologie 3
  Habermas, Jürgen Legitimation Crisis 2
  Habermas, Jürgen Theory and Practice 1
  Habermas, Jürgen Between Facts and Norms 1
  Hadjiski, Ivan Way of Life and Mentality of Our People 1
  Hall, John Powers and Liberties 1
  Hall, Stuart Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies 1
  Hall, Stuart Hard Road to Renewal 1
  Halliday, Terence C. Beyond Monopoly 1
  Hammond, Phillip E. and Glock, Charles Young Beyond the Classics? 1
  Hannigan, John A. Enviromental Sociology 1
  Haralambos, Michel and Holborn, M Sociology: Themes and Perspectives 2
  Haraway, Donna J. Simians, Cyborgs and Women 1
  Harrington, M. The Other America, The New American poverty 1
  Harris, C.C. The Family and Industrial Society 1
  Harris, Marvin Cannibals and Kings 1
  Harris, Marvin Cultural Materialism 1
  Harvey, David Social Justice and the City 2
  Harvey, David The Condition of Postmodernity 2
  Haskell, Francis Rediscoveries in Art 1
  Hatchuel, Armand and Weil, Benoit Experts in Organizations 1
  Haubl, Rolf Unter Lauter Spiegelbildern 1
  Haudricourt, A.G. La technologie science humaine 1
  Hawley, Amos Henry Human Ecology 3
  Hayek, F.A. von The Constitution of Liberty 1
  Hayek, Friedrich August von The Road to Serfdom 1
  Haznal, István A Középkor Története 1
  Heath, Anthony; Jowell, Roger and Curtice, John How Britain Votes 1
  Hechter, Michael Internal Colonialism 1
  Heidegger, Martin Being and Time 1
  Heimann, E. Soziale teorie der wirtschaftssysteme 1
  Heintz, P. A Macrosociological Theory of Societal Systems 1
  Heintz, Peter The Future of Development 2
  Hekman, Susan J. Weber, the Ideal Type and Contemporary Social Theory 1
  Held, David Models of Democracy 1
  Heller, Herman Teoria del Estado 1
  Henslin, James M. and Light, Donald W. Jr Social Problems 1
  Hernandez, D.J. American´s Children 1
  Hilberg, Raul The Destruction of the European Jews 1
  Hill, Michael A Sociology of Religion 1
  Hirner, Alexander The Social Control 1
  Hirsch, Fred Social Limits to Growth 2
  Hirschi, Travis Causes of Delinquency 1
  Hobsbawn, Eric J. The Age of Extremes 1
  Hochschild, Arlie Russell The Second Shift 1
  Hodgkin, Thomas Lionel Nationalism in Colonial Africa 1
  Hofstadter, Douglas R. Gödel, Escher, Bach 1
  Hoggart, Richard The Uses of Literacy 2
  Hoggart, Richard La culture du pauvre 1
  Holland, Dorothy and Quinn, Naomi Cultural Models in Language and Thought 1
  Hollander, Paul Political Pilgrims 1
  Hollingshead, August de Belmont Elmtown´s Youth 2
  Homans, George Caspar Social Behavior 3
  Homans, George Caspar The Human Group 1
  Hooks, Bell Feminist Theory from Margin to Center 1
  Horkheimer, Max Eclipse of Reason 1
  Horkheimer, Max Traditionelle und kritische Theorie 1
  Horowitz, Irving Louis Three Worlds of Development 1
  Horton, Paul B. and Horton, Robert L. Introducción a la sociología 1
  Hughes, Everett Charrington The Sociological Eye 4
  Hughes, Everett Charrington Men and their Work 1
  Huntington, S.P. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order 1
  Huntington, Samuel P. Political Order in Changing Societies 1
  Hutchen, Pat Duffy Leaving the Care 1
  Hvostov, V.M. Woman and Human Dignity 1
  Hyman, Herbert Hiram Interviewing in Social Research 2
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