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  Author/s Title Votes
  Kahl, Joseph 3 Latin American Sociologist 1
  Kammeyer, Kenneth C.W. Population Studies 1
  Kanter, R.M. Men and Women of the Corporation 7
  Katz, Elinu and Lazarsfeld, Paul F. Personal I 1
  Katzenstein, Peter Small States in World Markets 1
  Kemper, T.D. A Social Interactional Theory of Emotions 1
  Kemény, István Velük Született a Gép 1
  Kerbo, Harold R. Social Stratification and Inequality 1
  Kern, Horst and Schumann, Michael Industriearbeit und Arbeiterbewusstein 1
  Kern, Horst and Schumann, Michael The End of Division Labour? 1
  Kerr, Clark et al. Industrialism and Industrial Man 1
  Khadzijski, Ivan Life and Consciousness of our People 1
  Kiely, Ray Sociology and Development 1
  Kinsey, Alfred Charles et al. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male 1
  Kluckhohn, Clyde; Murray, H.A. and Schneider, David. Personality in Nature, Culture and Society 1
  Kluegel, James and Smith, Eliot Beliefs about Inequality 1
  Kohn, Melvin Class and Conformity 2
  Kohn, Melvin L.; Schooler, Cami et al. Work and Personality 1
  Kon, Igor S. Sociology of Personality 1
  Kooy, G. A. Het Modern-Westers Gerin 1
  Korten, David When Corporations Rule the World 1
  Kotarbinski, Tadeusz Praxeology 1
  Kritz, Mary M.; Keely, Charles B. and Tomasi, Silvano D. Global Trends in Migration 1
  Krzywicki Ludwik, J.F. Pierwociny wiezi spolecznej 1
  Kuhn, Alfred The Logic of Social Systems 1
  Kuhn, Thomas S. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions 14
  Kuper, Leo Genocide 1
  König, R. Kritik historisch-existen-zialistischen Soz. 1
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