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  Labov, William and Fanshel, David Therapeutic Discourse: Psychotherapy as Conversation 1
  Laclau, Ernesto and Mouffe, Chantal Hegemony and Socialist Strategy 2
  Lagergren, Marten; Lundk, Lena; Orkan, Minga and Sanne, Christer Time to Care 1
  Laing, Ronald David The Politics of the Family 1
  Laing, Ronald David, Phillipson, Herbert and Lee, A. Russel Interpersonal Perception 1
  Lamser, V. Základy Sociologického Vyzkumn 1
  Lane, Robert Political Man 1
  Larson, Magali Sarfati The Rise of Professionalism 3
  Lasswell, Harold D. The Analysis of political Behaviour 1
  Lasswell, Harold D. and Kaplan, Abraham Power and Society 1
  Laszlo, Ervin Introduction to Systems Philosophy 1
  Latour, Bruno We have never been Modern 3
  Latour, Bruno Science in Action 3
  Lazarsfeld, Paul Felix and Rosenberg, Morris The Language of Social Research 5
  Lazarsfeld, Paul Felix; Jahoda, M. and Zeisel, A. Marienthal, the Sociography of an Unemployed Community 2
  Lebret, Louis Joseph Economie humaine: guide du militant 1
  Lee, David and Hewby, Howard The Problem of Sociology 1
  Lefevbre, Henri Le Droit a la ville 1
  Lefevbre, Henri La survie du capitalisme 1
  Lefevbre, Henri Sociologia de la vida cotidiana 1
  Lefevbre, Henri Critique of Everyday Life 1
  Lefevbre, Henri Metaphilosophy 1
  Lemert, Charles C. Sociology After the Crisis 1
  Lenin, Vladimir The State and the Revolution 1
  Lenski, Gerhard E. Power and Privilege 3
  Lenski, Gerhard E. and Lenski, Jean Human Societies: An Introduction to Macrosociology 1
  Lerner, Daniel The Passing of Traditional Society 1
  Lerner, Daniel and Lasswell, Harold D. The Policy Sciences 1
  Levison, Daniel; Darrow, Charlotte N.; Klein, Edvard; Levinson, Maria The Seasons of a Manīs Life 1
  Lewin, K. A Dynamic Theory of Personality 1
  Lieberson, Stanley A Piece of the Pie 1
  Lincoln, Yvonna S. and Guba, Egon G. Naturalistic Inquiry 1
  Linton, Ralph The Study of Man 1
  Lipset, Seymour Martin Political Man 8
  Lipset, Seymour Martin and Rokkan, Stein Party Systems and Voter Alignments 3
  Lipset, Seymour Martin; Trow, Martin and Coleman, James Union Democracy 3
  Liska, Allan Perspectives on Deviance 1
  Little, David Religion, Order and Law 1
  Lockwood, David The Blackcoated Worker 1
  Loles, R. Youth and Social Policy 1
  Lopata, H.Z. Widowhood in an American City 1
  Lorber, Judith Paradoxes of Gender 1
  Luhmann, Niklas Social Systems 10
  Luhmann, Niklas Sociology of Enlightenment 3
  Luhmann, Niklas A Sociological Theory of Law 2
  Luhmann, Niklas Gesellchaftsstructur und Semantik 2
  Luhmann, Niklas The Differentiation of Society 1
  Luhmann, Niklas Ecological Communication 1
  Lukes, Steven Power: A Radical View 3
  Lukács, Georg History and Class Consciousness 5
  Lukács, Georg The Destruction of Reason 1
  Lukács, Georg The Ontology of Social Being 1
  Lynd, Robert Staughton Knowledge for What? 1
  Lévi-Strauss, Claude Structural Anthropology 2
  Lévi-Strauss, Claude Mitologiques 2
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