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  Author/s Title Votes
  Macfarlane, A. The Origins of English Individualism 1
  Mach, Ernst Erkenntnis und Irrtum 1
  Maffesoli, Michel The Sociology of Everyday Life 1
  Malinowsky, Bronislaw Argonauts of the Western pacific 1
  Mandel, Ernest Late Capitalism 1
  Mann, M. States, War and Capitalism 1
  Mann, Michael The Sources of Social Power 4
  Mannheim, Karl Ideology and Utopia 10
  Mannheim, Karl Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction 3
  March, James G. and Simon, Herbert Alexander Organizations 2
  March, James and Olsen, Johan Rediscovering Institutions 2
  Marcuse, Herbert Eros and Civilization 3
  Marcuse, Herbert Reason and Revolution 3
  Marcuse, Herbert One Dimensional man 1
  Marin, Juan Carlos Los hechos armados 1
  Marin, Louis Opacité de la peinture 1
  Marini, Ruy Mauro Dialectic of Underdevelopment 1
  Markey, R. And Monat, J. Innovation Employeé Participation throug Works Councils 1
  Marradi, A. Concetti e Metodi per la Ricerca Sociale 1
  Marriet, Makim Rural India 1
  Marshall, Thomas Humphrey Sociology at the Cross Roads and Essays 2
  Martin, David A. A General Theory of Secularization 2
  Martindale, Don The Nature and Types of Sociological Theory 2
  Marx, K. Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy 2
  Marx, Karl Capital. A Critique of Political Economy 9
  Marx, Karl Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1 4
  Marx, Karl Selected Works 1
  Marx, Karl Early Writings 1
  Marx, Karl Results of the Immediate process of Production 1
  Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich The German Ideology 3
  Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich and Lenin, Vladimir On Historical Materialism 1
  Massey, Doreen B. and Meegàn, Richard The Anatomy of Job Loss 1
  Maurice, M.; Sellier, F. and Silvestre, J.J. The Social Foundations of Industrial Power 2
  Mauss, Marcel The Gift 4
  Mauss, Marcel Sociology and Anthropology 3
  McAdam, Doug Political Process and the Development of Black Insurgency 1
  McCall, George and Simmons, J. L. Identities and Interactions 1
  McCarthy, John D. and Zald, Mayer N. The trend of Social Movements in America 1
  McClelland, David C. The Archieving Society 1
  McIlwain, Ch.H. Constitutionalism Ancient and Modern 1
  McNeil, William Plagues and Peoples 1
  Mead, G.H. Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies 1
  Mead, George Herbert Mind, Self and Society 23
  Mead, Margaret Male and Female 1
  Melucci, Alberto The Nomads of the Present 2
  Melucci, Alberto L´invenzione del presente 1
  Melucci, Alberto Challenging Codes 1
  Merlau-Ponty, Maurice Phenomenology of Perception 1
  Merton, Robert K. Social Theory and Social Structure 52
  Merton, Robert K. The Sociology of Science 2
  Merton, Robert K. Social Structure and Anomie 2
  Merton, Robert K. Sociological Ambivalence 1
  Meszaros, I. Marx´s Theory of Alienation 1
  Meyer, John W. Scholl Knowledge for the Masses 1
  Michels, R. Political Parties 1
  Mies, Maria Patriarchy and Accumulation on World Scale 5
  Milic, Vojin Metodologija socioloskog istrazivanja 1
  Millett, Kate Sexual Politics 1
  Mills, Charles Wright The Sociological Imagination 59
  Mills, Charles Wright The Power Elite 8
  Mills, Charles Wright White Collar 3
  Mills, Charles Wright All of his Work 1
  Mills, Charles Wright Power, Politics and People 1
  Mintz, Sidney Wilfred Sweetness and Power 1
  Mises, Richard von Probability, Statistics and Thruh 1
  Montagu, Ashley Man´s Mort Dangerous Myth 1
  Moore, B. The Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy 11
  Moore, Barrington Political Power and Social Theory 1
  Morgan, David The Family, Politics and Social Theory 1
  Morgan, Gareth Images of Organization 2
  Morin, Edgar Sociology 1
  Morin, Edgar Le paradigme perdu 1
  Morris, Desmond The Human Zoo 1
  Motoori, N. Viyamabumi 1
  Moulin, Raymonde The French Art Market 1
  Moulin, Raymonde L´artiste, l´institution et le marché 1
  Moya, Carlos Teoría sociológica 1
  Mumford, Lewis The City in History 1
  Musil, J. Sociologie Soudobého Mesta 1
  Myrdal, Gunnar An American Dilemma 2
  Myrdal, Gunnar Value in Social Theory 1
  Münch, Richard Theory of Action 1
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