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  Author/s Title Votes
  Nagel, Ernest The Structure of Science 1
  Naville, Pierre Essai sur la qualification du travail 1
  Neuman, John von and Murgenstern, Oskar The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior 2
  Newby, Howard The Deferential Worker 1
  Nie, Norman H. et al. SPSS Manual 2
  Niebuhr, H. Richard Social Sources of Denominationalism 1
  Nisbet, Robert A. The Sociological Tradition 5
  North, Douglass C. Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance 1
  North, Douglass Cecil and Thomas, Robert Paul The Rise of Western World 2
  Nun, José and Portantiero, Juan Carlos Ensayos sobre la transición democrática en la Argentina 1
  Nunnally, Jum C. Psychometric Theory 1
  Nye, Francis Ivan and Berardo, Felix M. Emerging Conceptual Frameworks in Family Analysis 1
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