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  Author/s Title Votes
  Oakley, Ann The Sociology of Housework 2
  Oakley, Ann Subject Women 1
  Offe, C. Contradictions of the Welfare State 1
  Ogburn, W.F. and Odum, Howard W. Recent Social Trends in the United States 1
  Olson, Mancur The Logic Collective Action 9
  Opp, Karl-Dieter Methodologie der Sozialwissenschaften 1
  Ortega y Gasset, Jose The Revolt of the Masses 1
  Osberg, B. Childrenīs Own Culture 1
  Ossowski, S. The Peculiarities of the Social Sciences 2
  Ostrom, Elinor. Governing the Commons 1
  Otnes, P. The Sociology of consumption 1
  OīBrien, Mary The Politics of Reproduction 1
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