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  Author/s Title Votes
  Paci, M. Mercato del Lavoro e Classi Sociali in Italia 1
  Pahl, R. Whose City? 1
  Paige, Jeffery M. Agrarian Revolution 3
  Palmer Thompson, Eric The Making English Labour Class 5
  Pande, Gopal Datt Manskhand 1
  Pareto, Vilfredo Compendium of General Sociology 2
  Park, Robert Ezra and Burgess, Ernest W. Introduction to the Science of Sociology 2
  Park, Robert Ezra; Burgess, Ernest W. and McKenzie, Roderick D. The City 2
  Parkin, F. Marxism and Class Theory 1
  Parsons, Talcott The Structure of Social Action 28
  Parsons, Talcott The Social System 23
  Parsons, Talcott Societies 2
  Parsons, Talcott Politics and Social Structure 2
  Parsons, Talcott Structure and Process in Modern Societies 1
  Parsons, Talcott Essays in Sociological Theory 1
  Parsons, Talcott An Outline of the Social System 1
  Parsons, Talcott The Comming of Post-industrial Society 1
  Parsons, Talcott and Smelser, Neil J. Economy and Soc 3
  Parsons, Talcott and Shils, Edward Albert Toward a General Theory of Action 3
  Parsons, Talcott; Bales, Robert Fred and Shils, Edward Albert Working Papers in the Theory of Action 1
  Pateman, Carole Participation and Democratic Theory 1
  Pateman, Carole The Sexual Contract 1
  Peil, Margret and Sada, Pius O. African Urban Societies 1
  Perelman, Chaim The Realm of Rhetoric 1
  Perrow, Charles Normal Accidents 2
  Perrow, Charles Complex Organizations: A Critical Essay 1
  Piaget, Jean The Moral Judgment of the Child 2
  Piaget, Jean The Principies of Genetic Epistemology 1
  Piore, Michael J. and Sabel, Charles F. The Second Industrial Divide 2
  Pizzorno, A. I Soggetti del Pluralismo 1
  Platt, Jennifer A History of Sociological Research Methods in America 1
  Polak, Frederick Lodewijk The Image of the Future 2
  Polansky, Norman Albert Social Work Research 1
  Polanyi, Karl The Great Transformation 11
  Polanyi, Karl Trade and Market in the Early Empires 1
  Pollak, Michael L´expérience concentrationnaire 2
  Popitz, H. Pheanomene der Macht 1
  Popper, Karl L. A Worl of Propensities 1
  Popper, Karl R. The Logic of Scientific Discovery 4
  Popper, Karl R. The Open Society and its Enemies 3
  Popper, Karl R. The Poverty of Historicism 1
  Popper, Karl R. The Logic of Scientific Inquiry 1
  Popper, Karl R. Conjectures and Refutations 1
  Postman, Neil Das Verschwinden der Kindheit 1
  Poulantzas, Nicos Political Power and Social Class 4
  Pratt Fairchild, Henry Dictionary Sociology and Related Sciences 1
  Przeworski, Adam and Teune, Henry The Logic of Comparative Social Inquiry 1
  Putnam, Robert D. Making Democracy Work 1
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