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  Author/s Title Votes
  Raub, Werner and Voss, Thomas Individuelles Haendeln und gesellschaftliche Folgen 1
  Rawls, John A Theory of Justice 1
  Redfield, Robert A. A Village that chose Progress 1
  Reinharz, Shulamit On Becoming a Social Scientist 2
  Reiss, Ira L. The Social Context of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness 1
  Reiter, Reina Sisterhood is Powerful 1
  Reskin, Barbara F. and Roos, Patricia A. Job Queues, Gender Queues 1
  Rex, John Key problems of Sociological Theory 1
  Rich, Adrienne Cecile Of Woman Born 1
  Richmond, Mary Social Diagnosis 1
  Ricoeur, Paul The Conflict of Interpretations 1
  Riesman, David The Lonely Crowd 5
  Ritzer, George Contemporary Sociological Theory 2
  Ritzer, George The MacDonaldization of Society 1
  Robert, Jean Le temps qu´on nous vole 1
  Robertson, R. The Sociological Interpretation of Religion 1
  Robertson, Roland Globalizations 1
  Rodney, Walter How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 1
  Rogers, Barbara The Domestication of Women 1
  Rogers, E.M. Diffusion of Innovations 2
  Rolle, Pierre Introduction a la sociologie du travail 1
  Roman, Paul M. Alcohol 1
  Rorty, Richard Contingency, Irony and Solidarity 1
  Rorty, Richard Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature 1
  Rosanvallon, Pierre La nouvelle question Sociale 1
  Rosenberg, Morris Conceiving the Self 2
  Rosenberg, Morris and Turner, Ralph H. Social Psychology 1
  Rossi, Alice The Feminist Papers 1
  Roussel, Louis La Famille incertaine 1
  Rubin, Lilian Brelow Worlds of Pain 3
  Ruggiero, G. De The History of European Liberalism 1
  Rummel, Rudolph Death by Government 1
  Runciman, W.G. A Teatrise on Social Theory 1
  Russel Hochscaild, Arlene The Time Bins 1
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