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  Author/s Title Votes
  Sabine, George A History of Political Theory 1
  Sacks, Harvey Lectures on Conversation 2
  Sahlins, Marshall Stone Age Economics 2
  Said, Edward W. Orientalism 2
  Sainsaulieu, Renaud Methode pro... sociologie de l´entreprise 1
  Sainsaulieu, Renaud L´identité au travail 1
  Sainsaulieu, Renaud L´entreprise 1
  Salmon, Robert Tous les chemins m nent a l´Homme 1
  Saltzman Chafety, Janet Gender Equity 1
  Samaj, Bharat man Indian Society 1
  Sanders, Peter Social Theory and the Urban Question 1
  Sassen, S. Losing Control? 1
  Saul, John Les batuds de Voltaire 1
  Sayer, Derek Capitalism and Modernity 1
  Schama, Simon Landscape and Memory 1
  Scheff, Thomas J. Microsociology 1
  Schelling, Thomas Micromotives and Macrobehavior 1
  Schelsky, Helmut Sociologie der Sexualit t 1
  Schlippe, Arist von and Schweitzer, Jochen Lehr der Systemischen Therapie und Beratung. 1
  Schluchter, Wolfgang Regionalism, Religion and Domination 1
  Schmitt, Carl The Concept of the Political 1
  Schmitter, Philippe C. and Lanzardo, Liliana Regionalism, Business interest and Public Policy 1
  Schoeck, Helmut Envy 1
  Schultheis, F. Sozialgeschichte 1
  Schumacher, Ernst Friedrich Small is Beautiful 1
  Schumpeter, J. Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy 2
  Schumpeter, J. The Theory of Economic Development 1
  Schütz, A. and Luckmann, T. The Structures of the Life-World 1
  Schütz, Alfred The Phenomenology of the Social World 7
  Schütz, Alfred Collected Papers 5
  Schütz, Alfred Der sinnhafte Aufbau der sozialen Welt 2
  Schütz, Alfred The Structures of the Life World 1
  Scott, James C. Weapons of the Weak 1
  Scott, James C. Domination and the Arts of Resistance 1
  Segerstedt, T.T. Social Control as Sociological Concept 1
  Sen, Gira and Grown, Caren Development, Crises and Alternate Visions: Third World Women's Perspectives 3
  Sennet, Richard The Fall of Public Man 1
  Sennett, Richard and Cobb, J. The Hidden Injuries of Class 1
  Seve, Lucien Marxism and the Theory of Human Personality 1
  Shakai, Gendai No son ritzu ko zo 1
  Sharma, Ursula Women´s, Work, Class and the Urban... 1
  Sherif, Muzafer The Psychology of Social Norms 1
  Shils, E.A. Center and Periphery: Essays in Macrosociology 1
  Shils, Randy And the Band Played On 1
  Shiva, Vandana Staying Alive 1
  Shorter, Edward The Making of the Modern Family 1
  Simmel, Georg Sociology 14
  Simmel, Georg The Philosophy of Money 5
  Simmel, Georg Conflict 1
  Simmel, Georg Wie ist die Gesellschaft m|glich? 1
  Simmons, Charles What about the Workers? 1
  Simon, Herbert Alexander Models of Man 1
  Simon, Herbert Alexander The Administrative Behavior 1
  Skocpol, Theda States and Social Revolutions 2
  Smith, Dorothy The Everyday World as Problematic 2
  Smokoviti, Nicolau and Szell, G. Participation, Organizational Effective quality of Work Life in the year 2000 1
  Sorokin, Pitirim A. Social and Cultural Dynamics 6
  Sorokin, Pitirim A. Social and Cultural Mobility 4
  Sorokin, Pitirim A. Sociology of Revolution 1
  Sorokin, Pitirim A. The American Sex Revolution 1
  Spittler, Gerd Arbeit in Afrika 1
  Stack, Carol B. All Our Kin 1
  Starr, Paul The Social Transformation of American Medicine 2
  Steiner, Rudolf Soziale Dreigliederung 1
  Stinchcombe, Arthur L. Economic Sociology 1
  Stinchcombe, Arthur L. Constructing Social Theories 1
  Stoufer A. et al. Measurement and Predictor 1
  Stoufler, S.A. Communism, Conformity and Civil Liberties 1
  Strauss, Anselm L. Mirrors and Masks 2
  Strauss, Anselm L. La frame de la negociation 1
  Sudman, Seymour and Bradburn, Norman Marshall Response Effects in Surveys 1
  Sunner, C. The Sociology of Deviance 1
  Sussman, Marvin B. and Steinmetz, Suzanne K Handbook of Marriage and the Family 1
  Swaan, Abram de In Care of the State 2
  Sweezy, Paul M. The Theory of Capitalist Development 1
  Szell, György Concise Encyclopedia of Participation and Co-Management 1
  Szell, György Labour Relations in Transition in Eastern Europa 1
  Sztompka, Piotr The Socioloy of Social Change 1
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