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  Author/s Title Votes
  Talmon, Jacob L. The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy 1
  Tarrow, Sidney Power in Movement 1
  Tawney, R.H. Equality 1
  Taylor, Charles Sources of Self 1
  Taylor, Charles The Explanation of Behaviour 1
  Taylor, I., Walton, Paul, Young, Jock The New Criminology 1
  Taylor, John G. From Modernization to Modes of Production 1
  Therborn, Goran European Modernity and Beyond 1
  Thomas, William Isaac and Znaniecki, Florian The Polish Peasant in Europe and America 4
  Thomlinson, Ralph Population Dynamics 1
  Thompson, John B. Studies in the Theory of Ideology 1
  Thompson, John B. Critical Hermeneutics 1
  Thompson, Nadeau Co-operation Works 1
  Thurow, Lester C. The Future of Capitalism 1
  Tilly, Charles From Mobilization to Revolution 1
  Tilly, Charles The Vendee 1
  Tilly, Louise A. and Scott, Joan W. Women, Work and Family 1
  Tilly,C. Big Structures, Large Processes, Huge Comparisons 1
  Timachef, Nicholas Teories of Sociology 1
  Titma, M. Occupational Choice as a Social Problem 1
  Toffler, Alvin The New Wave 1
  Toffler, Alvin Powershif 1
  Toulmin, S. Wittgenstein in Vienna 1
  Touraine, A. Production de la societe 6
  Touraine, A. Sociologie de l´Action 2
  Touraine, A. Critique of Modernity 2
  Touraine, A. The Voice and the Eye 1
  Touraine, A. The Post-Industrial Society 1
  Touraine, A. Pourrons-nous vivre ensemble? 1
  Touraine, A. Retourn of the Actor 1
  Touraine, A. Evolution travail ouvrier aux busines Renault 1
  Trist, Eric and Murray, Hugh The Social Engagement of Social Science 1
  Troeltsch, E. The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches 2
  Trotsky, Leon 1 1
  Trotsky, Leon The Revolution Betrayed 1
  Turner J. The Structure of Sociological Theory 1
  Turner, Victor The Ritual Process 2
  Tönnies, Ferdinand Geist der Neuzeit 1
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