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  Author/s Title Votes
  Wallace, C. and Abbot, P. An Introduction to Sociology 1
  Wallas, Graham Human Nature in Politics 2
  Wallerstein, Immanuel The Modern World-System 21
  Wallerstein, Immanuel Unthinking Social Science 2
  Wallerstein, Immanuel Open the Social Sciences 1
  Wallerstein, Judith S. and Blakeslee, Sandra, S. Second Chances 1
  Warren, Roland The Community in America 1
  Watzlawick, Paul; Beavin, Janet and Jackson, Don D. Pragmatics of Human Communcation 1
  Weber, Hajo Lean Management-Wege aus der Krise 1
  Weber, Max The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism 47
  Weber, Max Economy and Society 95
  Weber, Max Sociology of Religion 6
  Weber, Max The Methodology of the Social Sciences 6
  Weber, Max Essai sur la theorie de la science 2
  Weber, Max Gesammelte Aufsätze Wissenschafslehere 2
  Weber, Max The Theory of Social and Economic Organization 1
  Weber, Max Economic History 1
  Weber, Max Politics as a Vocation 1
  Weber, Max Il laboro intelletuale come profession 1
  Weber, Max Collected Works 1
  Weber, Max Sociology Flaw 1
  Weber, Max Le savant et le politique 1
  Weber, Max Escritos políticos 1
  Weick, Karl E. The Social Psychology of Organizing 2
  Weil, Simone La Condition Ouvriere 1
  Weizenbaum, Joseph Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmocht der Vernunft 1
  Wellman, Barry and Berkowitz, S.D. Social Structures: A Network Approach 1
  Wertheim, W.F. Evolution and Revolution 1
  White Riley, M. Sociological Research: I a case Approach 1
  Whyte, William Foote Street Corner Society 5
  Whyte, William Foote The Last Landscape 1
  Wiener, Norbert Cybernetics 1
  Wiener, Norbert The Human Use of Human Beings 1
  Wildavsky, Aaron But is it True? 1
  Wilkins, Leslie T. Social Deviance 1
  Willer, D. Theory and the Experimental Investigation of Social Structures 1
  Willis, Paul Learning to Labour 1
  Willis, Paul Common Culture 1
  Wilson, Bryan R. Religion in Secular Society 2
  Wilson, William J. Declining Significance of Race 1
  Wittgenstein, Ludwig Philosophical Investigations 4
  Woldring, Henk E.S. Karl Mannheim 1
  Wolf, Eric Peasants 1
  Wolf, Eric Peoples withouth History 1
  Wolf, Eric Europe and the People without History 1
  Wolff, K.H. The Sociology of Georg Simmel 1
  Wolff, K.H. From Karl Mannheim 1
  Woodward, J. Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice 1
  Worsley, Peter Introducing Sociologis 1
  Wright, Erik Olin Classes 1
  Wright, Erik Olin Class, Crisis and the State 1
  Wright, Erik Olin Interrogating Inequality 1
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