Second ISA Forum of Sociology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1-4 August 2012

Research Committee on
Sociology of Childhood, RC53

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Main Theme

ChildrenĀ“s voices, well being and social justice


Programme Coordinator

Loretta BASS, University of Oklahoma, United States,

RC53 Liaison in Argentina
Valeria Llobet, Universidad Nacional de San Martín,


All Forum participants (presenters, chairs, discussants, etc.) need to pay the early registration fee by April 10, 2012, in order to be included in the programme. If not registered, their names will not appear in the Programme or Abstracts Book.


provisional as of March 15, 2012, in alphabetical order


Business Meeting


Childhood in democracy's infancy


Children's bodies


Children's lives, voices and well being. Poster session


Children's rights and social justice


Children, society and exclusions. Part I-A in English


Children, society and exclusions. Part I-B in English


Children, society and exclusions. Part II-A in Spanish


Children, society and exclusions. Part II-B in Spanish


Globalization and new contours of childhood


La infancia en las sociedades de disciplinamiento y exclusión social


Leisure, democracy and diversity of lifestyles: Children and the youth

Joint session of RC13 Sociology of Leisure [host committee] and RC53 Sociology of Childhood
Globalization is making fast inroads into the so called homogenous societies and turning them into heterogeneous ones. As such diversity, as reflected in lifestyles as also an accepted phenomenon, has now become an accepted norm the world over, especially in its urbanized segments. This notion of diversity is further strengthened by the ideal of democracy which has been embraced and upheld by a number of nations the world over. The sections of society which encounter diversity the most and the earliest are children and the youth. They encounter this diversity not only in food, games, dress, language, music and dance, art and culture but also in almost all walks of life which finally finds expression in the practices and the patterns of their leisure. This session aims to examine how leisure and diversified lifestyles impact children and the youth in democratic, non-or-not-so-democratic and undemocratic / dictatorial societies and conversely what kinds of leisure and lifestyles evolve in these varied societies.




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