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Department of Behavioral Sciences
University of West Indies
St. Augustine Campus

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The official launching of the Sociological Association of Trinidad and Tobago was held at the University of the West Indies, Department of Behavioural Sciences on February 19, 1998. A group of funding members decided "to create a body of scholarly activities in and out of St. Augustine Campus to further enrich and sustain the intellectual heritage of the University of the West Indies, and in the process expose its membership to the scholarship of teaching, research and publication as a necessary combination, the skills of which will allow them to navigate and negotiate in the international intellectual arena, acting as ambassadors for the University of the West Indies and the region as we approach and prepare for the new and dynamic challenges of the coming millennium".

The SATT objectives, as stated in its Statutes, are: to raise the profile of Sociology locally and regionally; to analyse sociological phenomena via scientific approaches; to forge a stranger relationship between research and national development; to provide/create opportunities for members to grow; to raise the status of the Faculty, University regionally, internationally.