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International Sociological Association

Wars for rights/Wars against rights? Globalization and crisis of democracy
Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa Minori, Salerno, Italy March 25-27, 2013
Abstracts: December 20, 2012


Key words: Democracy, Global Crisis, Human Rights, Social Rights, Resistances

After the collapse of the USSR, the old bipolar system was replaced by a growing interdependence of economic and political factors, wich are generally managed through a global governance as a tool to correct economic imbalances, to solve local conflicts and protect human rights. In the last decades Western Democracies engaged in several wars with historically peripheral countries changing the power balance on a worldwide scale. These armed interventions were presented to the public opinion as humanitarian actions to promote security and democracy and to protect human rights. At the same time, this process has been followed by a global transformation of the traditional relationships between State and Market, Civil Society and Political Society, Citizenship and Nationality.

Furthermore, the dismantling of Welfare State systems, the radical change of labor relations and security policies on migration led to progressive deprivation of social guarantees and rights. All these dynamics were exacerbated by the current global crisis.

In such a context, new popular resistances developed in the last years, starting a strong cycle of struggles claiming access to elementary democratic rights. Therefore, we propose to discuss and investigate the relations between the transformation of democracy, inside and outside the West, and human and social rights.

Paper submission and discussion relative to the following issues:

1) New Global Wars
From armed intervention in Kosovo in 1999, Afghanistan and Irak invasions, until to recent intervention in Libya, Western countries’ wars found their reasons in the safeguard of human rights and democracy in the name of local populations. But, western ideology of humanitarian intervention and of wars for rights disguised a general strategy to pursue vital interests of western elites imposing neoliberal economic policies on a worldwide scale.

2) Transformation of labor relationships and global crisis The enforcement of neoliberal economic policies on a local and global scale brought to a progressive erosion of social rights and a radical change of cities. The reshaping of the labor market and welfare system, the privatization of entire industrial sectors and huge diffusion of informal economy worsened the global living conditions. Moreover, these dynamics generated a vast displacement of the population managed through repressive security policies. The current economic and financial crisis has dramatically accelerated this process .

3) Popular Resistances
In this context of substancial global changes, new strategies of resistance developed on an international scale. From arab revolts in the last years to the ecological and street struggles to defend the land, the new social protests claim elementary social and democratic rights such as the right to work, to health, to education and to manage public resources.

Workshops languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

We encourage researchers, doctoral candidates, etc., to send us preferably in English (French, Spanish and Italian are accepted as well):
- personal data
- biographical sketch including institutional affiliation
- paper titles (max. 20 words)
- paper abstracts (max. 300 words)

The deadline for proposals submission is December 20, 2012. Email your proposals with your complete contact information to:

We will give priority to empirical researches.

The selection of the Scientific Committee will be taken in early January 2013.
Registration fee: 100,00 euros for researchers and doctoral candidates with university or institutions covering and 50,00 euros for other participants. The payment method will be set after the confirmation.
For other informations please contact the Organizational Commitee:
International Sociological Association