XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Sociology on the move, Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2010


Author Meets Critics


These sessions will provide an exciting opportunity to meet and critically discuss the recent work of the eminent contemporary sociologists, particularly relevant for the theme of the Congress.

The invitations were extended to selected scholars by the Programme Committee. Meetings will be held at 17:45-19:45 on July 12-16, 2010.

Congress Programme


Hans Joas and Wolfgang Knöbl
Social Theory: Twenty Introductory Lectures

Monday, July 12, 17:45-19:45
Convenor: Björn Wittrock, Swedish Collegium for Advance Study, Sweden

Randall Collins
Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory
Michel Wieviorka
Violence a New Approach

Tuesday, July 13, 17:45-19:45
Antimo Farro, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Saskia Sassen
A Sociology of Globalization

Wednesday, July 14, 17:45-19:45
Convenor: Michael Burawoy, University of California, USA

Sylvia Walby
Globalization and complex inequalities

Thursday, July 15, 17:45-19:45
Convenor: Ulla Bjornberg, Unversity of Gothenburg, Sweden

Peter Hedström
Dissecting the Social: On the Principles of Analytical Sociology

Friday, July 16, 17:45-19:45
Convenor: Yosimichi Sato, Tohoku University, Japan