XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Sociology on the move, Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2010


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Thematic Group on
Human Rights and Global Justice TG03

Programme Coordinator
Mark Frezzo, Florida Atlantic University, USA, mfrezzo@fau.edu

Congress Programme

Sessions descriptions

Session 1: The sociology of human rights: Origins and prospects
This panel explores the historical roots of and future prospects for the study of human rights as a branch of sociology.

Session 2: Social movements, NGOs, and human rights
This panel explores the mobilization of the discourse of rights by social movements and NGOs challenging neoliberal policies.

3. Sociology and global governance
In light of widespread ambivalence of activists toward the idea of global governance, this panel explores the debate on whether to reform or replace the UN.

4. Universal rights or cultural rights?
This panel explores the debate universalism and relativism in the field of human rights.