XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Sociology on the move, Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2010


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Thematic Group on
Visual Sociology TG05

Program Coordinators
Dennis Zuev, CIES-ISCTE, Portugal, tungus66@gmail.com
Regev Nathansohn, University of Michigan, USA, regev@umich.edu

The overall goal of the sessions of the Thematic Group on Visual Sociology is to connect discussions on theoretical and practical aspects of the analysis of visual data in online and offline social domains. We are looking for the papers from individuals interested in the development of new methods of socio-visual research, and new ways of thinking and imagining the visual.

Congress Programme


Sessions descriptions

Session 1: Collecting and Producing visual data and methods of analysis
This session is dedicated to a discussion concerning visual data collected and/or produced in the field, and an elaboration on the relevant methods of analysis. Some of the questions that could be addressed are: What is the added value of visual methods to the sociological research? What kind of opportunities and obstacles are involved in a visually-centered method? What are the moral and ethical dilemmas embedded in such methods?

Session 2: Socio-cultural locus of the visual
This session is dedicated to contemporary and historical analysis of the socio cultural locus of the visual. Papers in this session may deal with questions relating to the ways by which the visual is produced, used and disseminated in contemporary and historical socio-cultural settings; What can a cross-cultural research contribute to our understanding of the visual? In what ways does The Visual differ from other means of communication and meanings conveying?

Session 3: Visualizing virtuality: intersection of visual and Virtual domains
In this session we wish to focus on analyzing the intersections of the Internet use as the archival repository of visual data for virtual self-presentations of offline individuals and organizations. The section is aimed at the analysis of visual data in the Internet and visual analysis of its various interfaces.

Session 4: The visual on the move
The goal of this section is to deal with questions relating to the spatio-temporal aspects of visualities and visualizations. How can a focus on the visual sphere contribute to contemporary sociological theories? What is sociologically determined in the visual and what remains in flux? What aspects of human action and imagination correspond with the visual?

Session 5: Business Meeting