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Dilek Cindoglu


Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Professor of Sociology, Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey (2012). She holds a BA and an MA from the Bogazici University, Istanbul and a PhD (1991) from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her work concentrates on the gendered processes of work, politics, migration, health, and sexuality.

A visiting Senior Scholar at the IRWAG, Columbia University of New York (2010-2011), she received the “Direct Access to the Muslim World” award from the Fulbright Visiting SpecialistProgram in 2006. Visiting fellowat the Center for Gender and Sexuality at the New York University (2003); senior fellowat the St. Antony’s College, Oxford (2002); Fulbright scholarat the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1998-1999). She has worked as a consultant on various projects funded by national (Tubitak, KSSGM, AAK) and international (IDRC, Ford Foundation, WorldBank, ILO-IPEC, EU) bodies, and published in international journals. She is an elected board member of the Turkish Sociological Association (TSA) since 2006 and of the ISA since 2010-2014.
Selected publications
“Reproductive Citizenship in Turkey; Abortion Chronicles” (with Didem Unal), Women Studies International Forum, vol. 38, May-June 2013, pp. 21-31.
Headscarf Ban and Discrimination: Professional Headscarved Women in the Labor Market, TESEV Publications, November 2010 (in Turkish) and March 2011 (in English).
“Virginity Tests and Artificial Virginity in Modern Turkish Medicine,” Women’s Studies International Forum, vol. 20. no. 2, pp. 253-261, 1997, reprinted in Women and Sexuality in Muslim Societies (ed. Pinar Ilkkaracan), Istanbul: Women for Women’s Rights Publications, 2000.

Priorities if elected Vice-President

We are in the era when the democratization of sociological knowledge is most needed. I believe that the ISA, as an international professional body for sociologists, has the potential to play a very critical role in that respect, through many means including but not limited to conferences, publications, and websites.

The ISA not only has the capacity to be more inclusive in addressing the world social issues at the international public level, but can also promote research to this end. Besides, as an international democratic public space it has the capacity to bring together the non-western and western scholars in scholarly debates. I believe the public space that the ISA has generated for international sociological debates is critical in the democratization of sociological knowledge and can be furthered.

I served as a member of the Executive Committee of the ISA in the last term, worked with international scholars and participated to the efforts to pull the focus of ISA towards the democratization of sociological knowledge and develop its organizational capacity to this end. If elected to the post of Vice-President for publications, I have two main goals to enhance the ISA towards a younger and gender-sensitive international democratic public space:

  1. I will continue to work towards the internationalization of the ISA in terms of extending the mediums of publications including more interactive refereed open-access publications;
  2. I will work towards extending the lines of publications to encourage younger international scholars to take part in the development of the field. I find the participation of young sociologists to the ongoing debates particularly critical for the development of the field and the democratization of this public space.

In short, if elected, as a non-western woman scholar from the border town of Mardin in Turkey, I will work towards the enhancement of ISA to a younger, international, gender-sensitive, democratic public space.

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