Executive Committee 2010-2014
Members of the Executive Committee
Louis Chauvel

Professor of sociology at Sciences-Po, University of Paris, since 2005.

Member of ISA RC28 Social Stratification and RC47 Social Movements. Treasurer of the French Association of Sociology 2002-. General secretary and member of the Executive Committee of the European Sociological Association 2005-. Fervent of international connections of associations and academics.

Published one book and 80 papers of which 50 in academic journals:
Le destin des générations, structure sociale et cohortes en France au XXe siècle, PUF, Paris. 1998. (The Destiny of generations: social structure and cohorts in the 20th century France). Second edition in 2002 with a new preface.
A New French Society?: The Debate on Social Change, in F. Royall (dir.), Contemporary Cultures and Societies of the French-speaking World: an Interdisciplinary Assessment. Peter Lang. 2004.

Social Generations, Life Chances and Welfare Regime Sustainability, in Peter A. Hall Changing France: The Politics that Markets Make. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire. 2006.

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