Global Dialogue Call for New Editor

The present Editor of Global Dialogue, Michael Burawoy, will complete his term of service at the end of December 2017. The International Sociological Association seeks an editor for Global Dialogue, the association’s newsletter and magazine. The new editor will take on responsibilities from January 2018 a term of three years with the possibility of renewal. Below is further information on the publication, on the tasks associated with the editorship and instructions on how to indicate your interest in the position.

Global Dialogue is the electronic newsletter and magazine of the ISA. The first volume began in 2010. It is an open-access, digital product that appears 4 times a year in multiple languages. Each issue is 20,000 words. It is a lively forum for conducting debates and interviews within our discipline. It contains clashing views, visions and accounts from different corners of the globe. It offers a sociological lens on current world events, underlining our continuing relevance to public debates. It keeps readers up to-date with events in the ISA with reports from Research Committees and National Associations, reports on conferences and on meetings of the Executive Committee, and by announcing changes in journals, our organization, and much else. It is open access and, thus, available to all.  

The Editor's Role

The editor is responsible for preparing an English language edition which is then translated by teams of sociologists across the globe. The editor should, therefore, be fluent in English and have a wide ranging network to solicit articles from different places on diverse topics.
For the annual meetings of the Publications Committee and the Executive Committee, the editor is responsible for (a) preparing a report on the publication's activities and (b) presenting an annual budget based on financial records of income from the ISA and expenditures on secretarial assistance, office expenses, etc.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by May 31, 2017, to Vineeta Sinha, ISA Vice-President for Publications, with a copy to ISA Secretariat

In preparing the expression of interest, please include:

  • an updated CV;
  • a summary of your experience relevant to the editorship;
  • ideas for further developing Global Dialogue;
  • information on the kind / level of support your institution will give you in undertaking the role of Editor;
  • a letter of confirmation from your chair or other appropriate university authority


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