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Academic Excellence Award

Established by Research Committee 25 of the International Sociological Association in June 2011.


The purpose of this award is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in the field of language and society.


The winner of the Award for Academic Excellence will be recognized with an engraved plaque at the RC25 reception. Awards will also be announced in the RC25 newsletter.


All articles published in the new RC25 journal, Language, Discourse & Society that arewritten by scholars holding a Ph.D. at the time of submission are eligible.Language, Discourse & Society publishes articles written in the official languages of the ISA: English, French and Spanish. All articles published since the past Interim Conference or World Congress and at least three months in advance of the next Interim conference or the World Congress will be considered for the Award.

In case of multiple-author submissions, the highest degree of the co-authors will be taken into account. Thus, if one of the authors holds a Ph.D., the article is eligible for the Language & Society Award for Academic Excellence. Members of the editorial board and of the award committee are not eligible. Submissions from scholars who are members of the ISA and RC25 are encouraged, but membership is not necessary to be eligible for this award.


The RC25 journal, Language, Discourse & Society, is peer-reviewed.  All reviewers will submit a short evaluation of articles during the blind peer-review process for submission to the journal editor.  The editor will forward a selection of published articles recommended by the peer-reviewers to the Award Committee.  All articles recommended for the award will undergo an independent review by the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee consists of three scholars and a chair; it will evaluate articles in English, French and Spanish.

The RC25 Executive Board appoints the chair of the Award Committee for a period of four years. She or he is responsible solely for administering the award process. This includes but is not limited to establishing the composition of the Awards Committee, and the call for papers. The full Executive Board must approve all decisions by the chair before they can be implemented. The Committee members must be scholars with demonstrated expertise in the field and appropriate language skills. Members of the RC25 Executive Committee and of the editorial board of Language Discourse and Society are not eligible to sit on the Awards Committee.

The chair does not vote but oversees the process and to the extent possible maintains the anonymity of the authors and of the rankings provided by journal reviewers. Since these are all published articles, it is impossible to maintain complete anonymity in the review process.

The chair of the Award Committee will submit a list of winners and documentation of the award process to the Executive Board for approval and formal announcement.


No monetary prize is linked to this award. The RC plans to spend a maximum of $100 USD for the engraved plaque.


Award will be made at RC25 reception every two years at the World Congress and at the Interim Conferences.

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