Information for Contributors

Current Sociology, an official journal of the International Sociological Association, is one of the oldest and most widely cited sociology journals in the world. Prior to 1997, Current Sociology published long Trend Reports, and shorter Half Trend Reports, on topics of interest to sociologists internationally. Examples of recent issues include sociology of work, rational choice, survey research, social mobility, cancer, leisure, and the information society.

In 1998 at the World Congress of Sociology  in Montreal, Current Sociology was relaunched as a eer-reviewed quarterly, with a focus on shorter review articles on emergent and challenging sociological issues in any area of sociological endeavour.

As part of its remit, Current Sociology continues to be interested in articles discussing trends within sociology but this is within the context of a broader concern with issues: not only the analysis of issues relating to the development of sociology as a discipline but also the contribution that sociological understanding can make to the analysis of issues relating to the development of modern societies in a globalizing world.

Current Sociology is interested in cutting-edge papers for consideration in any sociological specialty, including areas that cut across different sub-fields. It is also interested in well-argued and cogent critical responses to articles Current Sociology has already published if these responses also make an original contribution in their own right.

  1. Contributions may be submitted in English, French or Spanish, but will be published only in English, with extended abstracts in French and Spanish. Contributors whose papers are accepted for publication are responsible for providing the final version in English. Papers will be peer-reviewed by an international panel of sociologists.

  2. Contributions are considered for publication only on the understanding that they are not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that they are the original work of the author(s), and that any previous or current consideration for publication in any other languages, are fully disclosed. Copyright is signed to the International Sociological Association on acceptance of any paper for publication in Current Sociology.

  3. There is no standard length: 6,000 – 8,000 words is a useful working target but where it is justified, longer or shorter pieces can be considered.

  4. Submissions should be sent by email as attached files (preferably in rich text format).

  5. Notes, if any, should appear at the end of the text.

  6. Figures and tables should be clearly presented.

  7. Title, author's name, full mailing address, e-mail address, and a brief biographical note should appear on a separate page.

  8. An abstract of 100-200 words and 3-5 keywords should also be provided on a separate page on which the title of the paper appears, but not the author's name.

  9. If it is impossible to send submissions by email, then three hard copies should be sent. These should be typed, double-spaced on one side of paper only with a margin of 3 cm. Submissions will not normally be returned, so authors should ensure that they keep a copy.

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