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International Sociological Association
ISA XIIIth International Laboratory
for Ph.D. Students in Sociology

Theme: Sociology in Troubled Times
July 20-25, 2015
National University of Singapore

List of previous ISA Laboratories
photo by ND Strupler     

International Sociological Association received 46 applications for its 13th International Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology but only had the funds to accept 12 applicants. Because there were so many excellent applications, the selection process was extremely difficult. Congratulations to the selected participants!

Laboratory Programme pdf

List of the selected participants and topics of their PhD dissertations (in alphabetic order):

  • Mr. Pedro dos Santos de BORBA, Brazil / State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil
    Modern State, Critical Theory and Macro-Historical Sociology: A Comparative Analysis of Post-Colonial States in Latin America   

  • Ms. Wei CHEN,  China, Hong Kong / Baptist University, Hong Kong
    The State and Labor in China: The Political Dynamics of Labor Organization  
  • Ms. Gül CORBACIOGLU, Turkey / Middle East Technical University, Turkey        
    The Transformation of Labour in the Turkish Health Sector: The Case of Physicians in Ankara

  • Mr. Marcos José GONZALEZ HERNANDO, Chile / University of Cambridge, United Kingdom      
    Crisis Economics, Knowledge Production and the Sociology of Intellectual Institutions: Effects, Reactions and Narratives of the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis as Seen by British Think Tanks

  • Ms. Tianhan GUI, China / University of Florida, USA
    “Leftover Women” or Single by Choice: Societal Perceptions and Individual Perspectives of Unmarried, Professional Women in Contemporary China

  • Ms. Achala GUPTA, India / National University of Singapore
    What is education and who provides it? Understanding the interplay of multiple educators in India's schooling system                 

  • Mr. Sergio Andrés KAMINKER, Argentina / Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina
    Residential Segregation in Puerto Madryn, Chubut (1991-2010). Forms and Effects of an Accelerated Urbanization in a Mid-Size City in Central Patagonia

  • Mr. Tawanda Sydesky NYAWASHA, Zimbabwe / The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Popular Politics, Social Movements and the Struggle for Substantive Citizenship in Contemporary South Africa               
  • Mr. Olufikayo OYELADE, Nigeria / University of Ibadan, Nigeria
    Social Dimension of Pentecostal Warfare Prayer and Development in Selected Cities in South West, Nigeria                     
  • Mr. Krishna Prasad PANDEY, Nepal / South Asian University, India
    Ethnic Identity and Everyday Life: Madheshis and Non-Madheshis in Nepal’s Eastern Tarai

  • Ms. Sharon QUINSAAT, Philippines / University of Pittsburgh, USA           
    Homeland Calling, Diaspora Rising: Mobilization of Filipinos in the U.S. and the Netherlands for the Philippine Democratic Struggle, 1965-1992       

  • Ms. Stavit SINAI, Israel / Konstanz University, Germany
    S. N. Eisenstadt, the Zionist Narrative and Identity Building in Israel
    ISA Laboratory is organised jointly by the ISA and the South Asian Studies Programme, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 20-25 July, 2015


International Sociological Association