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International Sociological Association
ISA XIVth International Laboratory
for Ph.D. Students in Sociology
Theme: Power, Violence and Justice
April 1-8, 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom

List of previous ISA Laboratories
photo by bodythongs     

International Sociological Association received 57 applications for its 14th International Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology but only had the funds to accept 14 applicants. Because there were so many excellent applications, the selection process was extremely difficult. Congratulations to the selected participants!

List of the selected participants and topics of their PhD dissertations (in alphabetic order):

  • Ms. Scholastica Ngozi ATATA, Nigeria / University of Ibadan, Nigeria   
    Biafra Renaissance and the MASSOB in Communities in South-Eastern Nigeria                 

  • Ms. Yemima COHEN-AHARONI, Israel / Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel          
    Commemorating the Temple in Heritage Sites around the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem              
  • Mr. Lalatendu Keshari DAS, India / University of Hyderabad, India        
    State, Capitalist Development and the Informal Sector: A Study in Chilika Lake, India  

  • Mr. Arturo DÍAZ CRUZ, Mexico / El Colegio de México, México
    The Fragmented Monopoly: Non-State Coercitive Organizations in Mexico

  • Mr. Leonardo FONTES, Brazil / Instituto de Estudos Sociais e Políticos, Brazil     
    Citizenship and Social Mobility: Market, Sociability and Right to the City in the Periphery of São Paulo

  • Mr. Jing-Mao HO, Taiwan / Cornell University, USA      
    Social Statistics, Categorization, and Nation-state Formation: A Cross-national Event History Analysis (1800-2000) and a Historical Sociological Study of the Republic of China, Taiwan (1949-2016)                          

  • Mr. Sebastian HÜLLE, Germany / Bielefeld University, Germany           
    Structural Conditions of Order-Related Justice Attitudes                             

  • Ms. Anchal KUMARI, India / Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India      
    Socio-Spatial Transformations and New City Making in Pune: Study of Magarpatta Township                  
  • Mr. Rodolfo LÓPEZ, Chile / University of California, USA     
    Achieving Political Allies across Democratic Polities: the Case of the Environmental and LGBTI Movements in Argentina and Chile            
  • Ms. Órla Meadhbh MURRAY, Ireland / University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom          
    Invisible Work, Textual Performance, and Legitimacy: An Institutional Ethnography of UK Higher Education   

  • Ms. Victoria NAMUGGALA, Uganda / Arizona State University, USA    
    Gender, Age & War: Complexity of Identity among Returning Formerly Displaced Youth in Uganda     

  • Mr. Danny OTTO, Germany / University of Rostock, Germany         
    On the Traces of the “Precariat”. Power of Interpretation Exemplified by an Interpretation of Social Inequality       
  • Mr. Hyacinth UDAH, Australia / Griffith University, Australia    
    Understanding the African Immigrant Experience in South East Queensland    

  • Ms. Oznur YARDIMCI, Turkey / Lancaster University, United Kingdom
    Gentrification from the Perspective of Contemporary Social Inequalities and Struggles              

ISA International Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology is organised jointly by the ISA and the British Sociological Association, 1-8 April 2016.


International Sociological Association