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International Sociological Association
  Individual Membership

Open to scholars and professionals of sociological teaching, research or practice. At present there are 5,000 members from 167 countries.


Benefits of the individual membership are:

  • Subscription to ISA journals Current Sociology and International Sociology.
  • Reception of isagram, an electronic newsletter containing announcements of the forthcoming conferences, calls for papers and manuscripts, prizes, competitions, job offers, etc.
  • On-line access to
    • eSymposium, a forum through which ISA members are able to engage in debate, showcasing the diverse work, practices, ideas and voices.
    • sociopedia.isa an online database with state-of-the-art review articles in social sciences.
    • SAGE Collection which includes 36 journals with more than 12,500 articles.
    • Sage Research Methods, a resource which brings together information on methodological issues and choices, and provides copies of relevant articles; it can be used in many ways, including the planning of methods teaching and the making of decisions on what methods might be appropriate for a new project.
  • 45% discount on SAGE Publications books.
  • All newly published SAGE Studies in International Sociology books, 2013 onwards, will be available at a discounted price of £9.99, postage included.
  • A reduction in registration fees at ISA World Congress and Forum of Sociology.


  • Digital Worlds
    • Social Justice & Democratization Space
      It aims to build a global community who can access and share resources in various languages through an open participatory approach to research, policy, pedagogy, practices and images.
    • Global Dialogue
      Newsletter published in 15 languages. A venue for debates, reports on conferences, state of different sociologies, interviews, and much more.
    • Universities in Crisis
      Blog of the ISA that reports on universities in crisis, aiming to build global communities of concerned academics.
    • Journeys through Sociology
      Interviews with members of the ISA Executive Committee.
    • Sociotube
      Videos and Films of the everyday life of sociologists.

All members may participate in the meetings of the ISA and its Research Committees, Working and Thematic Groups upon paying an affiliation fee. 

Join or renew ISA membership
Guidelines to fill the ISA individual membership form

1. ISA membership

ISA membership fees cover a 4 calendar year period (January 1 - December 31) and include an on-line subscription to both ISA journals:Current Sociology and International Sociology.Journals can be accessed through ISA user account. If, however, you prefer to receive one of the journals in print, mark the appropriate box. A discount price is available for ISA members who choose a print subscription to both journals.

Applications received before October 15 will be processed for the current calendar year. Applications received after October 15 will be processed for the following calendar year. New joiners applying for membership after October 15 will have free access to SAGE Sociology Full-Text Collection for the remainder of the year.

Membership fees are divided into 3 categories, A, B and C, according to the Gross National Income of the economy of countries. Please identify the category in which the economy of your country of residence is classified and pay the membership fee corresponding to this category.

Life membership is available after 65; a copy of identity documentation showing birth date is required. Life members pay a membership fee once and have an on-line subscription to both ISA journals. A price of print subscription to one of the ISA journals is USD 80 for four years. A discount price is available for print subscription to both journals.

Students (including PhD students) are requested to send a copy of their student card or another official confirmation of their status. ISA affiliation fee depends on the country where the student realizes his/her studies in the current year.

2. Affiliation to Research Committees, Working and Thematic Groups

Affiliation fees to join Research Committees, Working and Thematic Groups cover a 4-year period (January 1 - December 31). 

ISA members wishing to join any of the Committees and Groups shall add up the corresponding fee. Please note that some discount fees are available for students in all countries and members residing in countries classified in category B and C.

Non-ISA members interested in joining the Committees and Groups should contact respective RC/WG/TG Secretaries.

List of Research Committees
List of Working Groups
List of Thematic Groups
Table of economies by categories

To apply for membership or renew ISA and/or RC/WG/TG affiliation, please submit a membership form.

Join or renew ISA membership on-line
Join or renew ISA membership pdf format pdf

For any further details, contact ISA, fax:34-913524945


International Sociological Association