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ISA eSymposium for Sociology
Access Call for submissions Table of contents
Call for submissions
Published three times a year in January, April and September

Article submissions to the eSymposium must have sociological value and interest for an international community of social scientists, both from the point of pure, scholarly research as well as from applied dimensions. We welcome submissions from teaching faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in the social sciences. We welcome all submissions in the following categories:

1) Essays (up to 4000 words)

We invite contributions in the form of feature articles from sociologists working in all fields - substantive, methodological and theoretical. The article can be both empirical and theoretical and deal with issues that will be of interest to sociologists practising in a variety of locales- universities, research institutes and NGOS- for example.

2) In conversation with...

Here our intention is to showcase the sociological work and life experiences of a prominent sociologist (including 'retired') from any part of the world, in the form of a dialogue, conversation, interview with another sociologist. All suggestions and proposals are welcome.

3) Reflections (up to 3000 words)

We are seeking the more personal, biographical accounts from practising sociologists about their experiences of teaching, researching or leading administratively in a particular setting. The topic and theme is open-ended and we welcome all proposals.

4) Photo essays

We welcome photo essays from practitioners in the field of visual sociology on any substantive topic. The available technology facilitates inclusion of visual material, with text-based substance.

5) Video clips

Given this new medium of publication, we will be able to upload and make available video clips to ISA members. We thus invite submissions of videos, short feature films and recordings - as sociological 'products' in addition to a written text.

6) Forum (200-400 words)

We invite brief comments, notes, communications and letters from sociologists on any topic of relevance to an international community of sociologists. We intend for the 'Forum" section to be a regular feature in the e-Bulletin. This will need the support of the members to be successful.

All communications should include a contact name and address, including an e-mail address. The deadline for submissions is the first of the month before each of the three issues (eg. 1 December for the January issue).

Please direct all communications, submissions and enquires to:
Vineeta Sinha, Editor
Department of Sociology
National University of Singapore
11 Arts Link, Singapore 115750
phone: 0065-68745976; fax: 0065-67779579

International Sociological Association