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Call for Book Reviewers
International Sociology Reviews (ISR)

ISR is looking for reviewers for some of books listed below. Reviews of single books are typically 1,000-1,500 words in length, while review essays (combining two or more books) are usually 3,500-5,000 words. Formats and length may be negotiated as needed. Reviews are due within two months of receiving the book. 

If you are interested in doing a review, please send a message to Prof. Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Editor, University of Pittsburgh, USA,

Author Title of Book

Adey, Peter   

Aerial Life

Akakpo, Yaovi  

L'horizon des sciences en Afrique
Aktay, Yasin et al (eds) Culture and Politics in the New Middle East
Albrecht, Ralf    Judgendkultur und Rhytmus
Beigel, Fernanda (ed) The Politics of Academic Autonomy in Latin America
Bell-Villada, Gene H. et al (eds) Writing Out of Limbo
Betz, Mark Beyond the Subtitle
Biney, Moses O. From Africa to America
Birls, Ursula (ed)    Richtsextremismus und Gender
Blain, Michael Power, Discourse and Victimage Ritual in the War on Terror
Boelhouwer, Jeroen Wellbeing in the Netherlands
Chriss, James J. Beyond Community Policing
Cumbers, Andrew Reclaiming Public Ownership
Dale, John G. Free Burma
Derricourt, Robert Inventing Africa
Dominguez, Esteban Morales Race in Cuba
Dorling, Daniel The Population of the UK
Eckstein, Susan Eva and Adil Najam (eds) How Immigrants Impact Their Homelands
Fine, Gary Alan, Bill Ellis    The Global Grapevine
Flusser, Villem Into the Universe of Technical Images
Foster, John Bellamy and Robert W. McChesney The Endless Crisis
Friedman, Kajsa Ekholm, Jonathan Friedman    Historical Transformations
Gallab, Abdullahi A. A Civil Society Deferred
Gerhards, Jurgen Cultural Overstretch?
Giuffre, Katherine Communities and Networks
Gould, Deborah B.    Moving Politics
Gray, Herman, Macarena Gomez-Barriz (eds) Towards a Sociology of the Trace
Hagedorn, John M. Gangs in the Global City
Hasmath, Reza A Comparative Study of Minority Development of China and Canada
Jaspers, Jurgens et al (eds)    Society and Language Use
Kavuri-Bauer,Santhi Monumental Matters
Kimura, Aya Hirata Hidden Hunger
Koutrakos, Panos European Foreign Policy
Lehman, Howaard P. Japan and Africa
MacConville, Una Sociological and Spiritual Aspects of Pallative Care in Ireland
Moeller, Hans-Georg The Radical Luhmann
Moore, Henrietta L. Still Life
Muller, Benjamin J. Security, Risk and The Biometric State
Nogues-Pedregal, Antonio Miguel (ed) Culture and Society in Tourism Contexts
Olsson, Tobias (ed) Producing the Internet
Qian, Yufang Discoursive Constructions Around Terrorism in the People's Daily (China) and The Sun (UK)
Ram, Uri Isreali Nationalism
Rentschler, Carrie A. Second Wounds
Schonbeck, Oluf All Religions Merge in Tranquebar
Shostak, Sara Exposed Science
Simon-Maeda, Andrea Being and Becominc a Speaker of Japanese
Smelser, Neil J. Dynamics of the Contemporary University
Sturm, Roland, Jurgen Dieringer (eds) Regional Governance in EU
Swartz, Sharlene, Monica Taylor (ed) Moral Education in sub-Saharan Africa
Torchin, Leshu Creating the Witness
Vallejo, Jody Agius Barrios to Burbs
Vigo, Julian Performative Bodies, Hybrid Tongues
Voert, Frank Democracy and Dissent
Walby, Kevin Touching Encounters
Weaver, Simon The Rhetoric of Racist Humour
Weslowski, Wlodzimierz et al (eds) National and European? Polish Political Elite in Cmparative Perspective
Wieviorka, Michel La tentation antisemite


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