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Call for Book Reviewers
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ISR is looking for reviewers for some of books listed below. Reviews of single books are typically 1,000-1,500 words in length, while review essays (combining two or more books) are usually 3,500-5,000 words. Formats and length may be negotiated as needed. Reviews are due within two months of receiving the book. 

If you are interested in doing a review, please send a message to Prof. Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Editor, University of Pittsburgh, USA,

Author Title of Book Year Publisher
Ackerman, Galia Femen 2014 Polity
Adey, Peter Aerial Life: Spaces, Mobilities, Affects 2010 Wiley-Blackwell
Albrecht, Ralf Jugendkultur und Rhythmus: Eine Untersuchung der Westberliner Halbstarkenkrawalle 1956-58 unter kommunikationsrhythmischem Aspekt  2009 Lang
Altmann, Philipp Die Indigenenbewegung in Ecuador: Diskurs und Dekolonialität 2013 Transcript
Atasoy, Yildiz Global Economic Crisis and the Politics of Diversity 2014 Palgrave Macmillan
Aviram, Hadar Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment  2015 University of California Press
Betz, Mark Beyond the Subtitle: Remapping European Art Cinema 2009 University Of Minnesota Press
Blanch, Pelai Pagès i War and Revolution in Catalonia, 1936-1939 2015 Historical Materialism
Boltanski, Luc The Foetal Condition: A Sociology of Engendering and Abortion 2013 Polity
Braun, Jerome Democratic Culture and Moral Character: A Study in Culture and Personality 2013 Springer
Bryant, Lia and Katrina Jaworski. (eds.) Women Supervising and Writing Doctoral Theses: Walking on the Grass. 2015 Lexington Books.
Connell, Raewyn W. and Rebecca Pearse Gender: In World Perspective.  (3rd edition) 2014 Polity
Daigle, Megan From Cuba with Love: Sex and Money in the Twenty-First Century 2015 University of California Press
Dale, John G. Free Burma: Transnational Legal Action and Corporate Accountability 2011 Univ. Of Minnesota Press
Douzinas, Costas Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis: Greece and the Future of Europe 2013 Polity
Espiritu, Yen Le Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refugees 2014 University of California Press
Eyerman, Ron  Jeffrey C. Alexander, and Elizabeth Butler Breese Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering  2013 Paradigm Publishers
Fanning, Bryan and Andreas Hess    Sociology in Ireland 2014 Palgrave Pivot
Ferry, Elizabeth Emma Minerals, Collecting, and Value Across the US-Mexico Border 2013 Indiana University Press
Fine, Gary A. and Bill Ellis The Global Grapevine: Why Rumors of Terrorism, Immigration, and Trade Matter 2013 Oxford University Press
Gallab, Abdullahi A. Their Second Republic: Islamism in the Sudan from Disintegration to Oblivion 2014 Ashgate
Gerhards, Jürgen Cultural Overstretch? Differences Between Old and New Member States of the EU and Turkey 2007 Routledge
Gruzinski, Serge The Eagle and the Dragon: Globalization and European Dreams of Conquest in China and America in the Sixteenth Century 2014 Polity
Huws, Ursula Labor in the Global Digital Economy: The Cybertariat Comes of Age.  2014 Monthly Review Press
Jakobsen, Jonas and Odin Lysaker Recognition and Freedom: Axel Honneth S Political Thought 2015 Brill Academic Publishers
Johnson, Katherine Sexuality: A Psychosocial Manifesto 2015 Polity
Kaselitz, Verena and Petra Ziegler Gleichstellung in der erweiterten Europäischen Union. Gender Equality in the Enlarged European Union 2008 Lang
Luce, Stephanie Labor Movements: Global Perspectives 2014 Polity
Moran, Dominique   Carceral Geography: Spaces and Practices of Incarceration 2015 Ashgate Publishing Company
Muller, Benjamin J. Security, Risk and the Biometric State: Governing Borders and Bodies 2010 Routledge
Negri, Antonio Pipeline: Letters from Prison 2015 Polity
Ngan, Lucille L. and Chan Kwok-bun The Chinese Face in Australia: Multi-generational Ethnicity among Australian-born Chinese 2012 Springer
Oguma, Eiji and Leonie R. Stickland.  The Boundaries of 'the Japanese': Volume 1: Okinawa 1818-1972 - Inclusion and Exclusion 2014  Trans Pacific Press
Olusanya, Olaoluwa Emotions, Decision-Making and Mass Atrocities: Through the Lens of the Macro-Micro Integrated Theoretical Model 2014 Ashgate
Risman, Barbara J. and Virginia Rutter Families as They Really Are (Second Edition) 2015 W. W. Norton & Company
Sayer, Andrew Why We Can't Afford the Rich (Foreword by Richard Wilkinson) 2015 Policy Press
Shaw, Jenny Shopping 2010 Polity
Simon-Maeda, Andrea Being and Becoming a Speaker of Japanese: An Auto-Ethnographic Account 2011 Multilingual Matters
Smith, R. Tyson Fighting for Recognition: Identity, Masculinity, and the Act of Violence in Professional Wrestling 2014 Duke University Press Books
Sooryamoorthy, R. Transforming Science in South Africa: Development, Collaboration and Productivity 2015 Palgrave Macmillan
Stohl, Rachel and Suzette Grillot  The International Arms Trade: War and Conflict in the Modern World 2013 Polity
Sturm, Roland , Jurgen Dieringer (eds)    Regional Governance in EU-Staaten 2010 Budrich
Teaiwa, Katerina Martina Consuming Ocean Island: Stories of People and Phosphate from Banaba 2014 Indiana University Press
Vigo, Julian Performative Bodies, Hybrid Tongues: Race, Gender, Sex and Modernity in Latin America and the Maghreb 2010 Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Wackerfuss, Andrew Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement 2015 Harrington Park Press, LLC
Wallerstein, Immanuel;  Charles Lemert; and Carlos Aguirre Rojas Uncertain Worlds: World-Systems Analysis in Changing Times 2013 Paradigm Publishers
Wells, Karen Childhood in a Global Perspective  (2nd ed.) 2015 Polity
Zhang, Everett Yuehong The Impotence Epidemic: Men's Medicine and Sexual Desire in Contemporary China 2015 Duke University Press Books


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