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Call for Book Reviewers
International Sociology Reviews (ISR)

ISR is looking for reviewers for some of books listed below. Reviews of single books are typically 1,000-1,500 words in length, while review essays (combining two or more books) are usually 3,500-5,000 words. Formats and length may be negotiated as needed. Reviews are due within two months of receiving the book. 

If you are interested in doing a review, please send a message to Prof. Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Editor, University of Pittsburgh, USA,

Author Title of Book
Abbots, Emma-Jayne and Anna Lavis (eds) Why We Eat, How We Eat
Adey, Peter    Aerial Life
Aidami, Mammad  Narrative and Violence
Akakpo, Yaovi L'horizon des sciences en Afrique
Albrecht, Ralf Judgendkultur und Rhytmus
Becci, Irene et. al. (eds) Topographies of Faith
Bell-Villada, Gene H. et al (eds) Writing Out of Limbo 
Best, Shaun Zygmunt Bauman
Betz, Mark Beyond the Subtitle
Birls, Ursula  (ed) Richtsextremismus und Gender
Boltanski, Luc The Foetal Condition
Canary, Heather and Daniel Canary  Family Conflict
Chaudhuri, Soma Witches, Tea Plantations, and Lives of Migrant Laborers in India
Dabashi, Hamid The Arab Spring
Dale, John G. Free Burma
Davis, Aeron Promotional Cultures
Derber, Charles Sociopathic Society
Douzinas, Costas Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis
Dubois, Vincent et. al. The Sociology of Wind Bands
Enloe, Cynthia Seriously! Investigating Crashes and Crises As If Women Mattered
Eyerman, Ron et. al. (eds) Narrating Trauma
Feagin, Joe R. and Jose A. Cobas  Latinos Facing Racism
Ferry, Elizabeth Emma    Minerals, Collecting, and Value Across the US-Mexico Border
Flew, Terry Global Creative Industries
Flusser, Villem Into the Universe of Technical Images
Foster, John Bellamy and Robert W. McChesney The Endless Crisis
Hart-Landsberg, Martin Capitalist Globalization
Kavuri-Bauer,Santhi Monumental Matters
Lachmann, Richard What is Historical Sociology?
Lengermann, Patricia and Gillian Niebrugge Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Marques, Eduardo Cesar Leao Opportunities and Deprivation in the Urban South
Muller, Benjamin J Security, Risk and The Biometric State
Pierret, Thomas Religion and State in Syria: The Sunni Ulama from Coup to Revolution
Porta, Donatella della Can Democracy Be Saved?
Rainie, Lee and Barry Wellman Networked 
Rentschler, Carrie A. Second Wounds
Roudometof, Victor Globalization and Orthodox Christianity
Sellers, Jeffrey et. al. (eds) The Political Ecology of the Metropolis
Sharkawi, Pekinam, Yasin Aktay,
and Ahmet Uysal, eds. (2 vols. In Arabic)
أعمال المؤتمر العربي التركي الاول للعلوم الاجتماعية: الثقافة ودراسات الشرق الاوسط
Shatkin, Gavin (ed) Contesting the Indian City
Shostak, Sara Exposed Science
Shuayb, Maha (ed) Rethinking Education for Social Cohesion
Simon-Maeda, Andrea Being and Becominc a Speaker of Japanese
Smelser, Neil J. Dynamics of the Contemporary University
Smith, Jackie and Ernesto Verdeja Globalization, Social Movements, and Peace Building
Sturm, Roland , Jurgen Dieringer (eds)   Regional Governance in EU
Tolmie, Peter and Mark Rouncefield (eds)  Ethnomethodology at Play
Vallejo, Jody Agius Barrios to Burbs
Varga, Joseph Hell's Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space
Viladrich, Anahi More Than Two to Tango
Wallerstein, Immanuel et. al. Uncertain Worlds
Weaver, Simon The Rhetoric of Racist Humour
Whyte, Iain Boyd and David Frisby (eds)   Metropolis Berlin: 1880-1940
Wieviorka, Michel La tentation antisemite
Wiley, Norbert et. al. Uprising at Bowling Green
Yarskaya, Valentina  and
Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, (eds) (In Russian)
власть времени
Zbierski-Salameh, Suava Bitter Harvest
Zuberi, Dan Cleaning Up


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