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International Sociological Association
Research Committee on Sociology of Law RC12
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Established in 1962

The Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RCSL) shall act as a free association of scholars active in sociology of law or socio-legal studies all around the world, whatever their nationality, opinion and scientific or methodological tendency.

Statutes. Amended January 2001, July 2010.

RC12 history

Board 2010-2014
Vittorio OLGIATI, University of Macerata, Italy

Secretary and Treasurer
Germano SCHWARTZ, Lutheran University of Brazil, Brazil,

Board Members
Benoit BASTARD, France
Luigi COMINELLI,  Universitá degli Studi de Milano, Italy
Volkmar GESSNER, Germany
Carlos LISTA, Argentina
Angela MELVILLE, University of Manchester, UK (resigned 2013)
David NELKEN, Italy
Ulrike SCHULTZ, Germany

Co-opted members
Arvind AGRAWAL, Rajasthan University, India
Flora DI DONATO,  Podgorecki Prize 2010 winner
Madalena DUARTE, Portugal
Germano SCHWARTZ, Lutheran University of Brazil, Brazil

Observer members
Sol PICCIOTTO, IISL Scientific Director, IISL, Oñati, Spain

Past Boards

Working Groups

  • Working Group on Comparative Legal Culture
    Chair: Marina KURKCHYIAN, University of Oxford, UK
  • Working Group on Gender and Law
    Chair: tba
  • Working Group on Human Rights
    Chair: Stephan PARMENTIER, Leuven Institute for Criminology, Belgium,
  • Working Group on Law and Politics
    Chair: María Angélica CUELLAR VAZQUEZ, Mexico,
  • Working Group on Urban Problems
    Chair: Antonio AZUELA, Mexico,
  • Working Group on Social Systems and Legal Systems
    Co-Chairs: Vittorio OLGIATI, Italy and Germano SCHWARTZ, Brazil,
  • Working Group on Law and Popular Culture
    Chair: Guy OSBORN, University of Westminster, UK,
  • Working Group on Law and Migration
    Chair: Devanayaka SUNDARAM, India,
  • Working Group on Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution
    Chair:  Masayuki MURAYAMA, Meiji University, Japan,
  • Working Group on Legal Professions
    Chair:Ulrike SCHULTZ, Germany, ulrike.schultz

Cross Interest
RC29 Sociology of Deviance and Social Control
RC36 Alienation Theory and Research

Cross-interest web sites

Forthcoming Activities

Global-Regional-Local. Institutions, Relations, Networks. Past and Future of the Sociology of Law
25th Anniversary Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law
Oñati, Spain
May 21-23, 2014
Abstracts: January 21, 2014

XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Adam Podgórecki Prize, established in October 2004.

- RCSL Newsletter published twice a year.
  Spring Summer Fall
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Dues USD 130 (USD 65 discount) for a 4 year period. If you prefer to pay in Euro, please contact RC12 organizational secretariat at

ISA membership registration form is available on

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