Research Committee on
Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution RC01



RC 01 was initially established by the International Sociological Association in 1970 with the title "Armed Forces and Society". In 1980, reflecting a broadening of its orientation, the RC was renamed "Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution"; in French: "Forces Armees et Resolution des Conflits".

A. In order to encourage research on armed forces and conflict resolution, the RC shall:

1. develop professional contacts between sociologists of armed forces and conflict resolution throughout the world
2. encourage the international exchange of research findings, theoretical developments, and methodologies in the sociology of armed forces and conflict resolution; and
3. promote the teaching of course materials dealing with armed forces and conflict resolution at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels; and
4. promote international meetings and research collaboration in the field of armed forces and conflict resolution.

B. In accordance with ISA guidelines, the RC:

1. shall have at least one Interim Meeting between World Congresses of the ISA, and

2. shall issue an annual Newsletter to all the members of the RC.

C. A Business Meeting of the RC shall be held at the World Congress and at the Interim Meeting(s).


A. The officers of the RC shall consist of a President, three Vice Presidents, six to eight Executive Committee Members, and an Executive Secretary. The officers collectively are hereafter referred to as the Executive Board.

1. The officers shall serve a term of four years.
2. The term shall be one from one quadrennial World Congress of Sociology to the next.
3. Officers may serve more than one term.

B. The election of officers will be conducted in a manner maximizing membership voting.

1. Mailed ballots will be sent to the entire membership by the Executive Secretary before the summer of every fourth year.
2. Ballots will be returned to the Executive Secretary for counting prior to the meetings of the RC at the World Congress.
3. Newly elected officers will be announced through the ISA Bulletin, the RC Newsletter and at the meetings of the RC at the World Congress.

C. The Executive Board of the RC will form or designate a nominating committee for the next slate of officers.

1. The nominating committee will consider geographical representation among its criteria.
2. A write-in section will be present for each elected office in each ballot.


A. Any social scientist active in research or teaching on armed forces and conflict resolution is eligible for membership.

1. To be a member in good standing a nominal due will be paid directly to the Executive Secretary of the RC. Such dues will be used for the administrative costs of the RC.
2. If for reasons of currency controls or lack of finances, the dues requirement will be waived at the discretion of the Executive Board.
3. All members in good standing have the same voting rights and eligibility to hold office.

B. Individuals seeking membership on the RC will inform either the Executive Secretary or the President.


A. The President of the RC may appoint subcommittees as needed.

B. Regional study groups of the RC may be established with the approval of the President and in consultation with the Executive Board.


A. The President shall report on the funds of the RC at the Interim Meetings and at the World Congress.

B. The Executive Secretary in collaboration with the President shall be responsible for the Newsletter.

C. In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Board, the President in consultation with the Executive Board may appoint a replacement until the next election.


The By-laws of the RC may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting membership either through mail ballot or at the Business Meetings of the RC.


Members follow the guide for membership dues as given in each RC 01 Newsletter and which currently range from 25 to 50,- USD depending on status (student - established academic) and country of origin (according to the country Categories A, B and C by the ISA).


Membership dues are to be directed to the Executive Secretary who runs a bank account on behalf of RC 01. There are various ways of payment. Instructions on these methods of payment are given in each RC 01 Newsletter.

Posted at September 16, 2003
International Sociological Association