Research Committee on 
Sociological Theory RC16


The goal of the RC in Sociological Theory is to organize open, interrelationships among its various schools, helping resolve its recurring crises and define its future prospects.

The RC will accomplish this goal by:

a. organizing sessions at the World Congresses
b. organize at least one major interterm conference
c. facilitating .the organization of, and publicity for, other conferences
d. publishing a newsletter

Membership is open to all sociologists actively involved in theoretical research.

a. membership is declared by the payment of dues,
b. membership expires when after having provided due notice, dues remain unpaid

The RC is governed by a Board consisting of two co-chairs, the secretary-treasurer and editor of the newsletter and 5 additional members. Co-chairs from the previous Board remain as members ex-officio for one term to ensure continuity. Each of the 11 Board members has one vote.

a. the Board is elected for a 4-year term by mail ballot in the spring preceding each World congress. Election results are announced at the RC business meeting during the following World Congress, after which time the new Board takes office.

b. candidates for election are nominated by the currently governing Board and will consist of approximately twice the number of positions to be filled in the election, i.e., 18 nominees. In addition to theoretical distinction, the list of nominees should show as much diversity as possible, among national committees and among theoretical orientations. Candidates must express a willingness to participate actively in the RC prior to their being included on the ballot.

c. election is by plurality. Those receiving the two highest vote counts are elected co-chairs. The 7 candidates with the next highest votes become members of the Board, with Board approval, the co-chairs will select the Secretary-Treasurer and newsletter Editor from among the 7 members.

d. in addition to handling the financial affairs of the RC, editing and publishing the newsletter, and organizing the election of its successors, responsibilities of the Board include:

1- defining the general theme of the mid-term conference and organizing same;
2- defining topics for the EC sessions at the World Congress and organizing same.


Posted at May 21, 2003
International Sociological Association