Research Committee on
Comparative Sociology RC20


1. Objective
The Research Committee on Comparative Sociology has been established in accordance with Article XI of the Statutes of the International Sociological Association (ISA). The primary objective of the Research Committee on Comparative Sociology (RC20) is to advance research in the field of comparative sociology by encouraging research, conferences and publication in the field. The RC seeks to facilitate scholarly communication in the domain of international comparisons.

2. Membership
There are two categories of members:
a. Regular members, according to ISA standards,
b. Associate members, who participate in the RC's activities but are not formal individual ISA members.

3. Officers
a. The Research Committee is led by a board consisting of at least six and at maximum twelve members who are elected every four years. At least one-third of the members of the board will be renewed every four years, and the president and the secretary of the committee will come from the board.
b. The members of the board will be elected by the regular members of the committee after they have been nominated by a nominating committee. The board has a chair, a secretary and one or several vice-chairs. At least one member of the board should come from outside the Atlantic area.

4. Task forces
Task forces can be created in areas of comparative sociology deemed to be of particular significance. These task forces will be led by regular members of the committee, and they will be responsible for shaping research strategies and for encouraging conferences and joint publications among members of the committee.

5. Conferences
The Research Committee should organize at least one meeting between ISA congresses on a topic approved by the board.

6. Publications
The Research Committee publishes a newsletter to keep members of the committee informed concerning the research, the conferences, and the publications of the committee. Both regular and associate members of the committee receive the newsletter.

7. Activities
The board directs the activities of the Research Committee, appoints the delegate of the RC to the ISA Research Council and the coordinators of the panels to be organized by the RC at the ISA congress.

8. Dues
According to ISA rules, in order to be a member in "good standing", a formal and symbolic fee is requested to be paid to the RC through the ISA secretariat. (In 2002, the amount was US$20).

These statutes were confirmed at the meeting in Brisbane in 2002.

Posted at September 8, 2004
International Sociological Association