Research Committee on
Sociology of Science and Technology RC23


Business Meeting
Brisbane, Australia, July 12, 2002.

1. The Committee was established by the International Sociological Association with a view to opening up a broader range of opportunities for the participation of individual members in the activities of the Association in the field of Sociology of Science and Technology. To this end the Committee shall undertake measures:

a) to secure and develop personal and collegial contacts between sociologists of science and technology throughout the world;
b) to encourage the international dissemination and exchange of information, developments and activities in the field of sociology of science and technology;
c) to facilitate and promote international meetings and research;
d) to help actively individuals and organizations in countries not represented to use the Committee and its facilities.

2. The Committee shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Board and members.

The members are individuals active in research and/or teaching in the field of sociology of science and technology.

All the individuals members of the Committee have the same voting rights.

All the decisions made by the Committee as a whole, except these concerning the by-laws, are accepted by simple majority. In the year of the elections the Board collects together all proposals for reforming the by-laws and decisions on these are made by the Committee with a 3/4ths majority.

3. The Board of the Committee is formed by a President, Vice-President, Secretary and 7 members elected by the Committee for a period of four years.

The Board is entrusted with the direction of all the activities of the Committee, except as is regulated by the by-laws or the Statutes of I.S.A. The President is the official representative of the RC in the Research Council of the ISA. A report on the funds of the Committee must be made every fourth year and presented at the ISA meetings.

4. In the event the President is not able to continue in his/her charge, the Vice-President will assume the Presidency. In the event any other member of the Board is not able to continue in his/her charge, the President will designate the person to replace him/her, after consulting with the Board members.

5. Candidates for the President, Vice-President, Secretary and the Board may be nominated by all members of the Committee. The Board is responsible for listing the candidates and for sending the list to individual members for voting. The Board must also ascertain that the candidates agree to stand. Elections must be completed at the Business Meeting in the ISA Congress, every four years.

6. It is strongly recommended that the Board arrange meetings of the Committee at least once every two years.


Posted at May 21, 2003
International Sociological Association