Research Committee on 
Social Stratification RC28


RC28 Statutes were adopted at ISA World Congress of Sociology in Bielefeld, Germany, 1994. Subsequent amendments were approved by an electronic ballot in July 2013.


  1. Research Committee 28 on Social Stratification and Social Mobility (hereafter RC28) has been established in accordance with article 4 of the statutes of the International Sociological Association (hereafter ISA). Its general objectives are to promote high quality research on social stratification and social mobility, and the international exchange of scientific information in this field.


  1. To bring these objectives to realization, RC28 will carry out the following activities:
    • Organize sessions at the ISA's World Congresses of Sociology.
    • Publish a Newsletter, mailed to all members in good standing at least twice annually, to keep them informed of ongoing and planned activities.
    • Organize and sponsor additional international meetings, where stratification researchers come together to exchange information and collaborate.
    • Any other activities that promote the objectives of the RC28.


  • Members shall either be “RC28 members paying ISA dues” or “RC28 members.”
    • RC28 members paying ISA dues shall be individuals in good standing within the ISA.
    • RC28 members shall be individuals interested in the activities of RC28, who are not members of the ISA.
  • All members shall be entitled to vote as individual members in the discussions about organisational matters at the General Meetings according to the principle "one member, one vote."
  • All members shall be entitled to:
    • participate in the scientific activities of the Research Committee.
    • receive the newsletter issued by RC28 free of charge.
  • All members shall be obliged to:
    • uphold the present Statutes of RC28 and to adhere to the stipulations of the present Statutes.         
    • conscientiously fulfill the tasks entrusted to them by the General Meeting or other bodies of RC28.
    • pay their fee for the respective period (i.e. 4 years). This fee shall be fixed by the Board of the Research Committee at each General Meeting for both individual members and organisations. The respective amounts to be paid shall be specified in the By-Laws to the present Statutes.



    • The Board shall consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 members, who will designate a President and a Secretary-Treasurer among themselves.
    • No member of the Board can serve more than two consecutive terms, unless s/he serves extra terms as President or Secretary-Treasurer.
    • The Board shall contain no more than three members from the same country. An effort shall be made to ensure a fair regional, national and gender representation, and also that each Board consists of some continuing and some new members. Board members should be nominated, above all, in recognition of their activity in RC28 and their contributions to stratification scholarship.
  • Each member of the Board must at all times be:
    • a member in good standing of the ISA in accordance with the ISA Statutes.
    • a member in good standing of RC28.
  1.     The duties of the Board are:
    • To organize the activities of the RC28.
    • To represent the RC28 in the ISA and elsewhere.
    • To manage the funds of the RC28.
    • To identify the themes and topics for at least one mid-term conference and take responsibility for the organization of those sessions.
    • To provide a newsletter or equivalent to the membership at least twice annually.
    • To identify (i) the Research Committee’s delegate to the ISA Research Council and other organizations and (ii) the alternate delegate to the Research Council.
  1. Board meetings must be called by at least two members of the Board, at least one month before the meeting. A Board meeting can only take valid decisions if 2/3 of the Board members is present, or if an immediately preceding Board meeting has been called without reaching this quorum. Board decisions can also be taken by mail ballot among the Board members. The Board takes its decisions by simple majority.


  1.  Elections to the Board will be held every four years, within the six months prior to each ISA World Congress. Terms begin and end at each World Congress.
    • Before each election, the outgoing Board designates an Election Committee consisting of at least two members in good standing, who are not candidates for election.
    • The duties of the Election Committee are to receive nominations of candidates and to oversee the election.
    • Candidates for the Board may be any RC28 member in good standing, provided the candidacy is supported in writing by at least five members in good standing.
    • To ensure participation of all members, nomination shall be done by mail. To this end, the Secretary shall prepare a form to be sent to all members at least twenty weeks before the election day, along with a list of all RC28 members paying ISA dues.
    • All members shall be entitled to nominate candidates for the Board. Nominated candidates shall be RC28 members paying ISA dues. They shall confirm their preparedness to accept the respective position on the Board in case they are elected and to remain RC28 members paying ISA dues in good standing for the duration of their mandate, and shall return the nomination form to the Secretary, together with a brief curriculum vitae
    • From the pool of nominated candidates, the Election Committee will select names to put forward on the ballot, along with the respective positions on the Board. In case of several nominations for the same position, the nominated candidates shall be listed in alphabetical order. The ballot shall be sent to all members by mail at least ten weeks before the election day.
    • Elections will be conducted even if the number of candidates does not exceed the number of positions to be filled. An opportunity for write-in candidates will be provided.
    • Members shall send their ballot by mail or email to the designated electoral officer(s). Ballots received later than two weeks before the beginning of the World Congress shall not be counted.

    1. Temporary vacancies in the Board between consecutive ISA World Congresses may be filled by appointment by the President, in accordance with ISA Statute 4.5.
    2. The places of any Board member not in good standing with either the ISA or RC28 may be declared temporarily vacant by the President, at the President’s discretion, and the vacancy filled in accordance with ISA Statute 4.5.
    3. One of the Board members, identified by the Board, will assume the responsibilities of the President of the Board in the case of the death, incapacitation, resignation, or other inability of the incumbent to carry out the responsibilities of the office of the President.


    1. A Business Meeting Assembly is held at least every four years, preferably at the World Congress. The meeting is chaired by the President of the RC28. Votes can only be cast by RC28 members in good standing who are present at the meeting. The duties of the Assembly are:
      • To evaluate and approve the four year report.
      • To discharge the outgoing Board of its responsibilities, including the financial statement.
      • To confirm the incoming Board.
      • To discuss and carry motions on any other point that may arise.

      Decisions in a Business Meeting Assembly are taken by simple majority.


      • RC28 will administer its own funds. Expenses are made by the Board or by the Secretary-Treasurer on its behalf, pending authorization by the Board.
      • A statement of financial affairs will be published in the Newsletter every four years. The outgoing Board needs to be discharged for their financial responsibilities by the Business Meeting Assembly.


    1. The funds of the RC28 consist of:
      • Membership fees from individual members.
      • Revenues from conferences and other activities.
      • ISA subventions.
      • Donations, grants and other means.
      • The membership fees are:
        US $100 - regular four-year membership.
        US $20 - reduced four-year membership, for members from low-income countries, students and members in special needs.
      • The membership and conference fees are set by decision of the Board.


    1. Changes in and amendments to these statutes must be proposed in writing by at least five RC28 members in good standing one month prior to the voting day, and must be approved by two-thirds of the votes in a mail ballot or Business Meeting


Posted at July 22, 2013
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