Research Committee on 
Sociology of Migration RC31



The goal of the RC 31 is to advance sociological knowledge on Sociology of Migration throughout the world. Its general objectives are to promote high quality research on migration and the international exchange of scientific information in this field.

Research Committee 31 on Migration works in accordance with Article 4 of the statutes of the ISA.


To bring these objectives to realization. RC 31 will carry out the following activities:

- organize sessions at the ISA's World Congresses of Sociology

- organize at least one additional international meeting (Intercongress Meeting) between the ISA World Congresses where migration researchers come together to exchange information and collaborate

- publish a Newsletter in a sociological journal f.i. in the "International Migration Review", Staten Island; N.Y. USA. (4 times a year)

- publish "Bulletins" mailed to all members in good standing to keep them informed of ongoing and planned activities

- any other activities that promote the objectives of RC 31


Any scientist who is interested and who is working in the field of migration can become a member of RC 31.

Most of the members will be sociologists, but also colleagues like political scientists, demographers etc. can become a member.

The President and the Secretary of RC 31 -as Board members of RC31- have to decide if an applicant will be accepted as new member of RC 31. This acceptance will not be unreasonable withheld.

A member of RC 31 has to pay the applicable membership fee of RC 31.

It is recommended to any member of RC 31 to join the ISA as individual member but the ISA membership is not a precondition to join the RC 31.

RC 31 members in good standing have the right:

- to vote for Board elections

- to propose themselves or others for Board membership, provided the candidacy is supported in writing by at least five members in good standing

- to propose themselves or others for organizers of the RC 31 sessions in the World Congress

- to propose themselves or others for organizers of the RC 31 Intercongress Meetings

- to participate and vote in Business Meetings of the RC 31

- to participate in all other activities of RC 31

- to receive the RC 31 Newsletter if they subscribe the "International Migration Review" within which the Newsletter is published

- to receive the "Bulletins' mailed by the Secretary of RC 31


The Board shall consist of a minimum of 5 and maximum of 9 members. An effort will be made to ensure a fair regional, national and gender representation as to the number and origin of the members, and also that each Board consists of some continuing and some new members. The Board has one President, one or two Vice-Presidents, one Secretary/Treasurer.

Each member of the RC 31's Board has to be an individual member of the ISA.

The duties of the Board are:

- to organize the activities of the RC 31

- to represent the RC 31 in the ISA and elsewhere

- to manage the funds of the RC 31

Board meetings must be called by at least three members of the Board at least two months before the meeting. A Board meeting can only take valid decisions if 2/3 of the Board members are present, or if an immediately proceeding Board meeting has been called without reaching this quorum. In general Board meetings will be held during the World Congresses and the Intercongress Meetings. Board decisions can also be taken by mail ballot among the Board members. The Board takes its decision by simple majority.

Elections to the Board of RC 31 will be held every four years by mail ballot within the six months prior to each ISA World Congresses. Terms begin and end at each World Congress.

No member of the Board can serve more than two continuous terms, unless he/she serves extra terms as President. Vice-President or Secretary-Treasurer.For these members of the Board a maximum of two more terms is possible.

Before the elections, the outgoing Board designates the candidates for the next election. Candidates for Board membership can be any RC 31 member in good standing, they should be nominated, above all, in recognition of their activity in RC 31. Elections will be conducted even if the number of candidates does not exceed the number of positions to be filled. Only RC 31 members in good standing have the right to vote.


A Business Meeting Assembly is held at least every four years, preferably at the ISA World Congress. The meeting is chaired by the President or by one Vice-President of the RC 31. Votes can only be cast by RC 31 members in good standing who are present at the Meeting. The duties of the Assembly are:

- to evaluate and approve the four-year-report

- to discharge the outgoing Board of its responsibilities. including the financial statement

- to discuss and carry motions on any other point that may arise

Decisions in a Business Meeting Assembly are taken by simple majority.


The RC 31 will administer its own funds. Decisions regarding expenditures are made by the Secretary/Treasurer on its behalf, with the approval of the President.

A statement of financial affairs will be given by the Treasurer every four years to the Board of RC 31 and to the Business Meeting Assembly. The Treasurer must be discharged of its financial responsibilities by the Business Meeting Assembly.

The funds of the RC 31 consist of membership fees from individual members and sometimes ISA subventions/grants.


Changes in and amendments to these statutes must be proposed in writing by a least five RC 31 members in good standing, and must be approved by two-third of the votes in a mail ballot or Business Meeting Assembly.

Posted at September 16, 2003
International Sociological Association